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Support the UTSVT

Like any serious engineering endeavor, the task of building and racing a solar powered car requires a vast amount of material and financial resources. The UTSVT is not guaranteed any funding from the University of Texas at Austin, and therefore operates solely on the generosity of its corporate and private sponsors. 

UT ECE welcomes corporate and individual sponsors of UTSVT and their race competition to help us be the best at the track!  UT ECE is offering race event opportunities for corporate branding, visibility, and community engagement, as well as networking opportunities.

$1500 and up:

  • Strategic and broad visibility and recognition on all publicity including University web sites, press releases, and at the Formula One racetrack (including a digital billboard). Sponsor name on t-shirts and materials.
  • Invitation to and recognition at the team dinner to meet UTSVT and other competing teams.
  • Broad branding to the Austin community as an engaged thought leader.
  • An invitation to the Official Public Day  to view the final day of the races. 

$3000 and up:

  • Enhanced branding and visibility, including branding on the car (various sizes for various sponsorships).
  • Share strategically visible tables at the race with race officials.
  • Preferred, VIP seating at the dinner with faculty and student interaction.
  • An invitation to the Official Public Day  to view the final day of the races. 

To support The University of Texas and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, who sponsors the UTVST student organization, contact:

  • It is important to note transmittal information in text box, on check, or in accompanying letter to ensure your support is directed to UTSVT. Please note: “2017 Texas ECE Solar Vehicle Team"
  • Invoices and instructions for payment by check by request.
  • Give by credit card

Thank you for your support!