Anisotropic Media and Printed Circuits for Miniature Antennas and RF Devices

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
7:00 PM
Free and open to the public

Novel materials for RF applications is a largely unexplored research area. Related research in this area is highly fueled by growing demands in the commercial and defense industry for small, light weight, multifunctional and high bandwidth devices to enable future communication systems. Engineered metamaterials, such as composites and periodic media, are attractive candidates for future RF and antenna technologies due to their remarkable and unique electromagnetic properties.

This presentation will focus on a new class of periodic assemblies (magnetic photonic (MPC) and degenerate band edge (DBE) crystals) built from anisotropic and/or low loss magnetic materials for low profile high gain antennas. A particular focus will be on the novel concept of emulating anisotropy using coupled transmission lines printed on otherwise uniform substrates. Such printed circuits allow for greater control over propagation properties and therefore offer a new direction in antenna and microwave circuit design. The presentation will describe recently developed lumped circuit model of the modes supported by the emulated anisotropic media. Example antenna and RFID tag as well as array designs will be presented.

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Gokhan Mumcu

Ohio State