ARM-based Technologies for the 21st Century Data Center

Sunday, September 22, 2013
7:00 PM
ENS 314
Free and open to the public

The new reality in the 21st century is that compute is everywhere from your street light to your palm to your local datacenter. This presentation will explore how ARM and our technologies are helping transform the industry thinking.  Ms. Mandyam will also share with students her journey from ECE student to Director at ARM. Q&A to follow the lecture.

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Lakshmi Mandyan

Lakshmi Mandyam

Director Server Systems and Ecosystems

Lakshmi Mandyam is the Director of Server Systems and Ecosystems at ARM where she leads ARM’s initiatives on Servers. She has been at ARM for more than 4 years where she led ARM’s market initiatives for Enterprise Networking and Wireless Infrastructure, Set-top-Boxes and Storage. Prior to ARM she worked in a variety of engineering, marketing and management roles at various companies including Freescale semiconductor and ColdWatt, building technology for enterprise applications. She has a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin. At ARM she is delighted to be able to change peoples’ perceptions about being able to deliver high performance enterprise solutions in a energy efficient mobile power profile.