Thursday, February 20 2020

EER 2nd Floor Lobby

Stop by and meet Samsung Managers and the University Recruiting Team

The Samsung Austin R&D Center (SARC) and San Jose Advanced Computing Lab (ACL) are teaming up on a mission to develop the best GPU and System IP for System LSI products. This requires a highly competitive feature set and excellent overall performance with very low power consumption….AND you!

EER 3.646

By enabling optical microsystems with new functionalities, improved system performance, and reduced size, weight, and power, integrated photonics is positioned to enable next-generation optical technologies that facilitate revolutionary advances for numerous fields spanning science and engineering, including computing, sensing, communications, displays, quantum, and biology.

EER 3.646

Much of the prior work on scheduling algorithms for wireless networks focuses on maximizing throughput. However, for many real-time applications, delays and deadline guarantees on packet delivery can be more important than long-term throughput. In this talk, we consider the problem of scheduling deadline-constrained packets in wireless networks, under a conflict-graph interference model. The objective is to guarantee that at least a certain fraction of packets of each link are delivered within their deadlines, which is referred to as delivery ratio.

EER 1.518

Design Team Tech Talk 

Analog Design & Post Silicon Test Teams