The Coming Surge of OLED Technology

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
6:00 PM
Free and open to the public

In 2011, >100m OLED displays were shipped into the smartphone, games andlighting markets and the revenue was around US$4B. In 2012, shipmentvolume and revenue are expected to more than double and the first highvolume TVs (55") will be shipped. OLEDs are moving into a golden age,where volume and revenue growth is exceeded by innovation andchallenges. OLEDs represent a marriage of organic chemistry, thin filmtechnology and lighting science. It presents the world of researchextraordinary opportunities to challenge the status quo vs. LC Displaysand LED lighting. OLEDs offer new degrees of freedom for R&D withrespect to quantum physics, light extraction, flexible substrates,transparent conductors and materials. In 2012, the first flexible OLEDwill be commercialized and these new products will demonstrate theopportunity to improve on low temperature deposition, printing, lowresistance, transparent conductors, and organic TFTs. The presentationwill discuss the opportunities and challenges available to theresearchers in helping the OLED community expand its penetration of thedisplay and lighting markets and broaden its reach into printedelectronics. An extensive discussion will be provided on how OLEDs work,their various stack configurations, light refraction, manufacturingrequirements and performance characteristics in order to establish aframework for understanding the opportunity.

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Barry Young

Young Market Research