A Computer Architecture Workshop: Visions for the Future (Celebrating Yale@75)

Friday, September 19, 2014
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thompson Conference Center
Free and open to the public

In honor of Yale Patt's 75th birthday and his many accomplishments, including his recent election to the National Academy of Engineering, we are hosting a one-time workshop "Visions for the Future" on the UT campus on September 19. 

The workshop will be a full-day event:

9:00 AM Welcome

9:10 AM  Dr. Arvind, Johnson Endowed Chair, MIT

9:30 AM  Dr. Mateo Valero, Professor at UPC

9:50 AM  Dr. Michael Shebanow, VP and Director, Samsung

10:10 AM Dr. Guri Sohi, Morgridge Endowed Chair, Wisconsin

10:30 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM Dr. Wen-mei Hwu, Sanders Endowed Chair, Illinois

11:20 AM Dr. Bill Dally,  Bell Endowed Chair, Stanford, & Chief Scientist, Nvidia

11:40 AM Dr. Per Stenstrom, Chair Professor, Chalmers

12:00 PM Dr. Trevor Mudge, Bredt Endowed Chair, Michigan

12:20 PM Lunch

1:30 PM  Dr. Mike Flynn, Professor Emeritus, Stanford

1:50 PM  Dr. Hyesoon Kim, Associate Professor, Georgia Tech

2:10 PM  Dr. Phil Emma, Chief Scientist, IBM Research, Yorktown

2:30 PM  Dr. Onur Mutlu, Strecker Endowed Chair, Carnegie-Mellon

2:50 PM Coffee break

3:10 PM  Dr. Bob Colwell, former Director, MTO, DARPA, and Chief Architect, Intel

3:30 PM  Dr. Uri Weiser, Professor, Technion and Intel Fellow Emeritus

3:50 PM  Dr. Moin Qureshi, Associate Professor, Georgia Tech

4:10 PM  Dr. Yale Patt, Cockrell Endowed Chair, UT Austin

4:30 PM  Very short break

4:40 PM  Panel: The Purpose of University Research:

    a. To advance knowledge

    b. To serve industry

    c. To prepare for doing a start up

    d. To train students

    e. All of the above

    f. None of the above

Panelists: Bill Dally, Phil Emma, Wen-mei Hwu, Trevor Mudge, Guri Sohi

5:55 PM Closing remarks

6:00 PM Adjourn

The workshop will be held at the Thompson Conference Center. Everyone is welcome, and the entire event (including lunch) is free, but seating is limited, so we are asking everyone to register. If attending lunch, please designate if you have a vegetarian food preference. 

See you on September 19! 

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