Secure Systems: From Hardware to Humans

First-year Graduate Lecture
Thursday, October 10, 2013
7:00 PM
ENS 314
Free and open to the public

Programmable networked machines will disrupt healthcare.

Will save energy and turn the earth green!

Will up-end transportation.


Not the machines we have today, but the ones we -- the computer

engineers of today -- will build. Given that almost every system in

existence has already been or is simply waiting to be hacked --

just visit this link (saving words, one thousand at a time)

-- what warrants this irrational optimism?


In my lab, we build systems starting from hardware all the way up to

humans who use this system and write software for it. I will give a quick

snapshot of systems under construction, interesting problems in security

that other people are working on, and examples of moonshots that are

waiting to be cranked on by smart people.

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Mohit Tiwari

Mohit Tiwari

Assistant Professor