GeronTechnology 2012: The UT Summit on Smart Technology for Independent Aging

Monday, October 15, 2012
7:00 PM
Free and open to the public

sponsored by the UT Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering (ARiSE)

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Smart Technologies for Assistance with Aging-in-Place: What Is The Current State Of Affairs?’. The event aims to bring together people from around the university and the state, to present the results of their efforts and assess the implications for the future. In particular, to explore how smart technology and systems can impact senior living to: (i) Enhance quality of life and well-being, (ii) Preserve autonomy and feelings of security, and (iii) Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of home-centric healthcare services delivery. A key research concern is to move away from current technology-push approaches to an approach that is driven by gerontechnology systems analysis. The main objectives of this event are to:

  1. develop a clearer view of the future of the emerging area of GeronTechnology in Texas;
  2. identify promising new interdisciplinary research approaches and focal points;
  3. stimulate networking and community building within the research community who are interested in technology assisted independent aging issues;
  4. disseminate views, knowledge and results of ongoing aging research and related projects;
  5. build bridges with potential external partners;
  6. bring together our separated research efforts across all interested research stakeholders;
  7. ensure older people benefit from smart technologies;
  8. improve the GeronTechnology system design and development process so that new technologies are indeed ‘user-needs-driven’ and are fit for purpose.

To register for this FREE event, click on the following link. Registration is required and is needed to gage the amount of food to be ordered.

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