IBM - UT Smarter Planet Series: Water

Thursday, April 29, 2010
7:00 PM
Free and open to the public

"Water" is the first in a planned series of lectures that take topics of major societal importance and present work done at UT and at IBM with the aim of creating new opportunities for cross-departmental projects and potentially new opportunities for collaboration with industry. One of the goals of these lectures is to better understand how research in VLSI and sensors might contribute to addressing challenges related to these topics.

The first seminar will feature the following speakers:

Dr. Peter Hofstee, Distinguished Engineer in the IBM Systems and Technology Group will provide a very brief introduction to IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative.

Dr. Michael Barrett, in the UT Center for Research in Water Resources (CRWR), will discuss improving the performance of flood control basins by operating them as a unified system. He will discuss a project that is supposed to start next year, that involves  retrofitting a flood control basin in Pflugerville and then monitoring water quality and the associated sensor requirements.

Dr. Ben Hodges from the CRWR will talk about flow physics, existing sensor platforms for lakes and estuaries, and sensor needs for routine water quality monitoring. Existing sensors are heavy infrastructure because the 20th-century instrumentation, which we still mostly use, is bulky and must be held in place. Dr. Hodges is interested in techniques to move from fixed-platform sensor platforms to downscale to disposable/mobile sensors.

Dr. Frank Liu, a Research Scientist at IBM Austin Research Laboratory, will talk about applying what we have learned from VLSI electrical circuits tools to water modeling.

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