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WECE General Meeting with NVIDIA


Monday, October 19, 2020

Location: Zoom

Finding the right career direction and achieving success in a chosen path are challenges everyone faces. This dialogue will showcase the power of horizontal growth and better equip attendees to find their career direction. Join UT Alumnae, Shayani Deb, to learn about building skills that will lead to more holistic success.

Speaker: Shayani Deb, Senior GPU Architect at NVIDIA

Shayani Deb joined NVIDIA after completing her graduate studies in Computer Engineering at The University of Texas. She is currently a Senior GPU Architect at NVIDIA and over the past 6 years held many different roles. Shayani was the Technical Lead of a team for nearly 4 years, mentoring many New College Graduates and Early Career teammates. This leadership position overlapped with her role as Individual Contributor in 4 different teams. Shayani has previously tutored and mentored high school students in Computer Science and career opportunities in Computer Engineering. Shayani’s varied internships helped her find her career path.

Shayani’s holistic outlook to career and life is deeply influenced by her parents. Her father Sambuddha Deb, who was previously the Chief Delivery Officer at Wipro Ltd, spent 33 years in the company in a variety of roles eventually leading to CDO. Her mother, Sreela Deb, is founder and director of a holistic education school ACCEL which integrates music, art and dance into traditional academics, transforming them from extra-curricular skills to co-curricular skills.

We will be raffling off a Jetson Nano and Shield TV Pro at the event!

Student Organizations: Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WECE)