Applying for MSEE

Students applying for the MSEE on the UT Campus

If you would like to apply for the UT-ECE Master’s program on campus, do NOT select one of the majors labeled as “Online Master’s”. Make sure to select the program major by your track choice that is not indicated by “Online Master’s” among the major selections.

You will notice that there is an error in the Education Section of the application form that only allows you to select “Doctoral” as your degree pursuit. Go ahead and select “Doctoral”, even if you are not applying for the PhD.

Program Specific Questions

When you get to the section of the application form labeled “Program Specific Questions”, it is here that you will be able to correct your degree pursuit. Question #3 asks you to indicate which degree you are pursuing with three choices that clarify your initial and ultimate degree pursuit:

MSE only
MSE and PhD
PhD only

Students applying for the Online Master’s Program

If you would like to apply for the UT-ECE Online Master’s Program, you will see that there are several choices for ECE Program majors indicated by “Online Master’s”.

Please note that only these 4 choices will be available for the Fall 2017 semester:

ECE – Integrated Circuits (Online Master’s)
ECE – Software (Online Master’s)
ECE – ACSES (Online Master’s)
ECE – DICE (Online Master’s)

Make sure not to select any of the other major choices indicated by “Online Master’s”. These study tracks will not be available as part of our online Master’s program for Fall 2017.