EE 380N: Topics in System Theory

May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.


Topic: 1 - Nonlinear Systems: Input-Output Properties

Topic: 2 - Nonlinear Systems: Geometric Theory

Topic: 3 - Adaptive Control Systems

Topic: 4 - Learning Systems and Cybernetic Machines

Topic: 5 - Stochastic Control Theory Dynamic programming in finite and infinite horizon, models with imperfect state information, ergodic control problems, adaptive and risk-sensitive control. Additional prerequisite: Electrical Engineering 381J.

Topic: 7 - Design of Computer-Controlled Systems

Topic: 8 - Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed Computation Same as Computational and Applied Mathematics 380N.

Topic: 9 - Fundamentals of Robotics and Mechatronics Theory of robotics and mechatronics, with emphasis on control, sensing, actuation, low- and high-level vision. Introduction to manipulator geometry, kinematics, dynamics, and planning of trajectories. Robotics laboratory.

Topic: 10 - Robotics II

Topic: 11 - Optimization in Engineering Systems Formulation and solution of continuous optimization problems in engineering design.

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Graduate standing and Electrical Engineering 380K.