EE 394J: Energy Systems

Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.


Topic: 1 - Power System Engineering I Physical features, operational characteristics, and analytical models for major electric power systems and components. Topic: 2 - Power System Engineering II Advanced techniques for solving large power networks; load flow, symmetrical components, short circuit analysis. Topic: 3 - Economic Analysis of Power Systems Energy resources, cost characteristics of electricity supply, electricity consumption and supply patterns, and impact of regulatory policy. Topic: 4 - Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems Environmental effects and controls for air, water, and land pollution for power systems. Topic: 5 - Power System Planning and Practices The economics of integrated resource planning. Topic: 6 - Energy Conversion Engineering Thermal analysis and operating characteristics of systems for electric power generation. Topic: 7 - Power System Harmonics The study of nonsinusoidal voltages and currents in power systems. Detailed modeling and simulation of harmonics sources, system response, and effects on equipment. Topic: 9 - Wind Energy Systems Wind resource characteristics and assessments; wind turbine technologies (fixed and variable-speed turbines); wind power transmission; integration and interconnection issues; and reliability impacts. Electrical Engineering 394J (Topic 9) and 394V (Topic: Wind Energy Systems) may not both be counted.

Course Level: 



Graduate standing.