Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training, or CPT is temporary employment authorization directly related to an F-1 student's academic program for which the work counts toward course credit. You must be enrolled for two long semesters before you can work as an intern. The purpose of CPT is to contribute to your education and degree plan. The priority of the ECE Department is that you complete your degree requirements and graduate in a timely manner.

Three forms are required for international students to work as an intern. All three forms must be signed by the same ECE faculty member (supervisor or track advisor or professor in your track):

  1. Curricular Practical Training Recommendation Form from the International Office
  2. ECE Supplemental Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form.
    This forms concerns enrollment in a regular classroom course in addition to EE 397M.
  3. Registration in Individual Instruction Courses Form.
    A signature is required on this form for EE 397M, Graduate Research Internship, or another approved individual instruction course.

The internship work must be applicable to your major and a required part of your technical specialty. The ECE faculty member who signs your CPT forms is determining that you meet these requirements. One of the courses you must take in fulfillment of the curriculum requirement for CPT is EE 397M, Graduate Research Internship. The Immigration Advisor in the International Office may approve enrollment in the Thesis, Report or Dissertation course as a substitute for EE 397M only if the necessity and requirement of the internship work for use in your thesis, report or dissertation is adequately explained by the ECE faculty member on the International Office's CPT form. Only summer interns may defer taking EE 397M or another approved course until Fall. Students interning in Fall or Spring must take EE 397M concurrently.

In addition, as an F-1 student intern, ECE requires you to enroll in at least one classroom course for letter grade that counts toward your degree requirements in the same semester you enroll in the required EE 397M, Graduate Research Internship course. If you are interning out of town, the faculty member must sign for you to defer taking the classroom course until the next long semester. If you have completed all your course requirements, the faculty member must sign for you to waive enrollment in a classroom course.