Financial Assistance

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) positions are usually awarded by individual faculty members. GRAs who work 20 hours per week earn a salary, pay in-state tuition, and may be eligible for health insurance benefits. Because GRAs are involved in actually doing research rather than studying it in a textbook or journal article, they often base their own research and dissertation on their work.


Graduate students are not eligible for ECE undergraduate scholarships. Scholarships at the graduate level are called fellowships.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships may also be a part of financial support packages. Teaching Assistants (TAs) who work 20 hours/week receive a salary, health insurance benefits, and in-state tuition. Although responsibilities for TAs vary with each professor and course, work usually includes grading exams and papers, leading discussion or laboratory sessions, and holding office hours to help students with coursework.

ECE Equipment Checkout Counter Positions

Students taking certain lab courses may checkout equipment provided by the ECE Department. Workers at the checkout counter are responsible for checking out equipment, re-stocking equipment, and performing periodic sweeps of the labs. Please see the ECE staff member in ECJ 1.304 for more information.

IT Helpdesk Positions

The ECE department offers positions at the ECE IT Helpdesk each semester. Please stop by the ECE helpdesk in UTA 6.508 for more information.

Office of Student Financial Services

This is UT's main clearing house for employment information and opportunities. UT offers a convenient and easy system called for students to find local part time and full time employment. Positions vary from Internet development to housekeeping.

Internship, CO-OP and Permanent Positions

The Cockrell School of Engineering's Engineering Career Assistance Center (ECAC) has a variety of local and national companies visit the UT campus for interviews year round. They also offer seminars on resume writing, interview techniques, and more to help students in the job search process.