Pre-qualifying Exam - Biomedical Engineering

The goal of this step is to ensure that the student has demonstrated the necessary academic preparation to pursue a Ph.D. degree. The student will choose from the following list five general engineering disciplines that constitute his or her research area of interest. This list signed by the supervisor should be submitted to the Area Advisor. The Area Advisor in consultation with the PhD supervisor will select and invite at least three members of the ECE GSC to conduct the oral exam. The supervisor and co-supervisor are not voting members of this examining committee. The student then schedules a one-and-ahalf hour oral exam with the faculty members. There is no deadline for the step 1 but a student has to pass the qualifying exam-step 1 before taking the qualifying exam - step 2. We recommend that the student take this part of the exam before finishing the MS degree as soon as he or she has taken at least five graduate BME courses. The possible outcomes are: (1) student passes without any stipulations, or (2) student fails and is allowed to re-take this part of the exam, at most, one more time. In the case of denial after failing the second examination, the student may appeal the decision to the ECE Graduate Studies Committee by filing a written petition to the ECE GSC Chair.

Fundamental Areas

Physiology Probability and Statistics Imaging and Image Processing Acoustics Instrumentation Biosignal Analysis Tissue Optics Electromagnetic Fields Numerical Methods Bioelectric Phenomena Large Scale Integrated Circuits / Biosensors