Registration Procedures

All ECE Graduate Students

Log on and check your RIS (Registration Information Sheet) each semester before you register to find a list of financial or non-financial bars that must be cleared before you can register.


New ECE Graduate Students

New ECE graduate students must submit the signed Registration Form for ECE Students in the First Semester of Graduate School to UTA 7.324 or UTA 7.328 to clear the advising bar before registering. 


Continuing and Readmitted ECE Graduate Students

Continuing and readmitted ECE graduate students, except doctoral students who are officially admitted to doctoral candidacy, must submit the ECE Program of Work Planning Sheet for each semester of registration to UTA 7.324 or UTA 7.328 to clear the advising bar before registering. 


Doctoral Candidates

The ECE Graduate Office staff will clear the advising bars of the ECE doctoral students who have passed the qualifying examination procedure for their Academic Track and have been admitted to doctoral candidacy officially.


Individual Instruction Courses

A graduate student who plans to take an EE individual instruction course listed on the Registration in Individual Instruction Courses Form must collect the signature of a professor for that course and submit the signed form to UTA 7.324 or UTA 7.328. The professor who signs the form is the instructor of the course and he/she will assign the grade at the end of the semester. None of the courses listed on the Registration in Individual Instruction Courses Form can count as classroom courses in fulfillment of the master's degree or PhD degree requirements.