BSEE/MSE Integrated Program


Due to increasing technology complexity and industry demands in the ECE field, a terminal MSE (Masters of Science in Engineering) degree is the new BSEE degree! Business and society needs more “industry-ready” graduates with practical and industry experience and graduates need to meet this demand and forge promising careers in their fields of expertise.


The University of Texas at Austin Electrical and Computer Engineering (Texas ECE), a top-eight ranked department, introduces the Integrated BSEE/MSE program, offering a smooth, accelerated path to a combined BSEE and MSE degree. Graduates of the program have solid industry and interdisciplinary experience enabling them to be company contributors immediately.  A combination of the strong engineering foundation UT Austin is famous for, the top-ten talent found in the Texas ECE department, along with the additional experience and early exit through the Integrated MSE program, provides industry with the talent capital needed to compete in today’s economy.

Student support is critical to graduating the best and brightest to meet workforce demands. Texas ECE offers customized Texas ECE Integrated MSE fellowship opportunities for alumni and industry supporters who want to:

  • enable a top-eight regional ECE department to feed industry appetite for top tech talent
  • support individual students and build relationships with fellowship recipients and faculty
  • build brand, visibility and recognition with faculty and students
  • support the Integrated MSE program as a STEM/Diversity incentive and retention tool
  •  benefit from customized early facilitation and speaking opportunities/events with the coveted MSE student population and faculty
  • hire top talent with work experience and an MSE degree

Contact Jennifer Campbell, Senior Program Coordinator of Industrial Relations, to discuss your interest in the program, investment costs, and how you can join industry thought leaders in the STEM and tech talent domain.