Salesforce Acquires Mobile Authentication Firm Toopher

CRM giant Salesforce has acquired a mobile two-factor authentication developer that leverages location-awareness as part of its secret sauce. The company just snapped up Toopher for an undisclosed amount.

Toopher describes itself as “the only solution that lets you automate that second step from safe locations like your home or office, so now you're only bothered when a login is out of the ordinary -- like when you're in a new location or being hacked.”

John Alexander and Evan Grim, founders of Toopher, announced the acquisition on the home page of the company's Web site, noting the firm would no longer sell its current products and celebrating its entry into the Salesforce family.

“We can’t imagine a better team, technology and set of values with which to align,” they wrote. “We've been delighted to better secure you without all of the normal unpleasantries associated with multi-factor authentication. Even though we will no longer sell our current product, our commitment to your security remains steadfast (as does our love for breakfast tacos).”

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Publish Date: 

Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 10:45am