Research Collaborations and Emerging Technologies

Innovative Research that Changes Lives


Research and emerging technology collaborations to meet industry needs can be developed through win-win strategies and strong faculty/industry relationships. Let us know your research interests and we will facilitate technical connections and conversations.

  • 18 Research Centers
  • 28 Research Labs
  • 85 Faculty - 63 Tenure Track; 4 Adjunct; 14 Lecturers; 2 Research Professors; and 1 Entrepreneurer-In-Residence
  • Faculty Honors

Models for Engagement

  • 1:1 faculty technical engagements. Please feel free to reach out to individual ECE faculty of interest
  • EERC, TEXAS ECE's new state-of-the-art home in 2017. Be an integral part of the TEXAS ECE community with a student, research lab or named space
  • Collaborative Center focused on advancing tranformational innovations with potential to create new markets or product categories and solve business challenges
  • Technology Readiness Company (TRC) focused on bringing tranformational product to marketplace