University Owned Machines

ITS provides anti-virus protection for Windows and Mac machines owned by the University of Texas at Austin. Please contact your Technical Support Contact (TSC) for help setting up your computer.


FireAMP (PC + Mac)

FireAMP can be used on university-owned systems at no cost. FireAMP is available for the Windows and Mac operating systems. The Information Security Office considers FireAMP one of the most effective malware protection tools on the market and has seen marked improvement from campus units that have deployed it.

Please send an email to requesting access to the FireAMP application.  Be sure to include your computer's operating system and University Asset tag along with your request.  If your system does not have an asset tag, yet is considered university-owned, please indicate such.

Note:  Per inventory personnel, some systems do not require a university asset tag because of the current value of the product.

Personal Computers

For personally owned computers, the free online Immunet anti-virus software is recommended.
Download at

ClamXav (Mac)
ClamXav for Mac OS X provides anti-virus protection with daily updates.
Download ClamXav at