There are two options for email at UT

Office 365

Office 365  is available to UT faculty and staff and delivers Outlook with web access (OWA) and a 100GB mailbox quota.

Note:  Faculty and staff Office 365 accounts are currently provisioned by ECE-IT.  Please stop by EER 2.804 or email indicating your affiliation with ECE (e.g. new faculty or staff member).  A mailbox can not be created until an official appointment with appropriate status has been finalized.

Office 365 accounts are preferred for UT business because of the below cases:

  • You require calendar or resource (rooms, etc.) sharing with colleagues on Office 365.
  • You require email encryption or digital signature. - It is encouraged to implement a digital signature
  • Your data is export controlled or subject to a Technology Control Plan, Non-Disclosure Agreement or Sensitive Data Control Plan.
  • Your data is specifically protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA or Federal Information Security Management Act FISMA.
  • Your data is specifically protected by a contract (e.g., NSF, NIH, DOE) and prohibits the use of 3rd party services such as Google's Gmail service.

Outlook Web Portal

Office365:  Two-Factory Authentication

Office365 Self-Help


UTmail is available to faculty, staff, and students and is made available through Google with a 30+ GB mailbox quota.

Note:  Faculty and staff qualify for a UTmail business account, but will be deactivated when employment with the university has ended.  University retirees are eligible to keep their account upon retirement.

UTmail Self-Help

UTmail Two-Factor Authentication