Prof. Brian Evans Moderates Forum on Texas Higher Education Issues

Chancellors, Commissioners, Legislative Staff, Administrators, and Faculty Senators converged on the UT Austin campus on Monday, March 4, 2019 to discuss Texas Higher Education issues. 

Texas ECE Alumnus Meng Li Named Recipient of EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award

 This award is established in recognition of the importance of university research to the advancement of design, automation and test. The award will be presented at the opening session of the Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) conference in Florence, Italy in March 2019.

Prof. Jacob Abraham Receives 2019 EDAA Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is given to individuals who made outstanding contributions to the state of the art in electronic design, automation and testing of electronic systems in their life. In order to be eligible, candidates must have made innovative contributions which had an impact on the way electronic systems are being designed. 

PhD Student Linxiao Shen Receives IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society Predoctoral Achievement Award

The award is the highest honor for PhD students awarded by the IEEE SSCS. Awards are made on the basis of academic record and promise, and quality of publications. 

Automatic Silicon Nanomembrane-based Early Cancer Detection System

The system is a result of research work that resulted in a myriad of sensing devices for LIDAR, low-concentration biomarker detection, heavy metal detection, air-and water-pollution sensing, 40 Gbit/sec EO modulator, and wide band RF sensors. 

Kyle McNicholas

Kyle won for his paper "BGaAs/GaP Heteroepitaxy for Strain-Free Luminescent Layers on Si.” 

Alex Q. Huang

The grant is part of a $7.5 million initiative by the DOE to support the research and development of innovative designs that will strengthen the resilienxe of the U.S. power grid.