Alum Muhammed Mustafa Hussain Named Editor for IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:30am

Texas ECE alumnus Muhammad Mustafa Hussain will start a three-year tenure as editor for IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices beginning January 2016. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, modeling, design, performance and reliability of electron and ion integrated circuit devices and interconnects. Hussain is currently an associate professor of electrical engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

IEEE Spectrum recently highlighted Hussain's work on a stretchable antenna. The device, developed at KAUST, is "the first antenna capable of maintaining a steady communication frequency despite being twisted and stretched."

The article quotes Hussain on the technology: “The design helps us go for something where size can be compacted but can also conform with our body contours which are irregular, asymmetrical body surfaces,” said Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, an associate professor of electrical engineering at KAUST. “It can go with the flow.”

Read more in "Stretchable Antenna Boosts Range for Wearable Devices" in IEEE Spectrum.

Previously, IEEE Spectrum had featured Hussain's work on flexible smart patches that could be controlled by smart phones to allow users to wirelessly control the temperature of their heat therapy.

Read more in "Skin Patches Enable Smartphone-Controlled Pain Relief" in IEEE Spectrum.

Hussain earned his MS and PhD in solid-state electronics from Texas ECE in 2005. After graduation, he worked as a Process Integration lead at Texas Instruments and a Program Manager of Novel Emerging Technology at SEMATECH. In August 2009, he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia where his research has gained international interest. Scientific American named his work on sustainable design of micro-scale microbial fuel cells for traditional water purification and non-traditional healthcare technology as one of the Top 10 World Changing Ideas of 2014. He has 35 issued and pending US patents and recently received an Outstanding Young Texas Exes Award.