Janice Williams Receives Academic Counselor's Association Award

Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 7:00pm

UT ECE Senior Academic Advisor Janice Williams has received the UT chapter of the Academic Counselor's Association (ACA) award in the category of Taking Initiative and Creating Positive Change in recognition of her creation and leadership in running The Move Forward Program.

As an early intervention initiative, The Move Forward Program is designed to connect academically 'at-risk' ECE undergraduate students to resources available through our Department, the Cockrell School of Engineering and The University of Texas at Austin before they reach the point of an academic crisis.

The Academic Counselors Association was created as a forum for sharing ideas and exchanging information related to the delivery of advising services at The University of Texas at Austin. A primary goal is to provide its members with opportunities for professional development and peer support, ultimately building a network of resources to enhance student access in college. Equally important is the representation and promotion of the interests of academic advising within the larger university community.