“With a second wave of the coronavirus likely to appear right as we get into flu season, there’s an urgent need for diagnostics that can differentiate between COVID-19 and influenza,” said Deji Akinwande, a professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

LIDAR Avalanche Photodiode

The team’s findings were published in May in Nature Photonics. The team includes UT’s Seth R. Bank, a professor in the Cockrell School’s Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering, UT electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. student Stephen March, and, from UVA, Campbell and postdoc Andrew Jones.


Prof Alan Bovik, Prof. Sriram Vishwanath and their students have been awarded 2020 EURASIP Best Paper Awards.

New 5G Switches Mean Battery Life Improvements

Prof. Deji Akinwande and his research team published their findings today in the journal Nature Electronics.

Silicon Chip

The discovery is part of a larger $6.5 million project sponsored by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research and led by electrical and computer engineering professors Ray Chen and David Z. Pan. 

ECE Honors

Texas ECE held a Virtual Honors event on Wednesday, May 20 to honor students and faculty for their successes and contributions during the 2019-2020 academic year.


Texas ECE is on the front lines of the global response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our researchers are racing to develop innovations to support the fight against COVID-19.