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Texas ECE Course Competition Winners

445L Embedded Systems

Every semester some Texas ECE courses have competitions to showcase the projects that they worked on during the semester. Here are the winning teams from the course competitions:


445L Embedded Systems Design

First Place

DS Game

Alex Ali, Joe Lawler, Alex Liu,Jorge Lopez


Second Place

Musical Glove

Ravi Akalkotkar, Cole Choe, Wilson Odom, Jesse Valdelamar


445M Grand Prix – Autonomous Robot Races

First Place

Mohit Gupta, Noah Rose, Parker Shiverick, Melissa Yang


Second Place

Jaxon Coward, Erick Cortez Valdez, Jason Fry, Stefanie Thompson


Third Place

Dakota Britton, Carson Graf, Brian Menezes


Data Science Principles

First Place

Can We Teach a Machine ASL?

Mark Liao, Jason Wang, Pierce Phillips, Sonia Shrotriya, Anika Singh


Second Place

Ghosh's Grocery Games

Wilhelm Bagcal, Ryan McSweeney, Johanna McCormack, Emran Khan


Third Place

Who's that Birb?

Michael Chuang, Eralp Orkun, Tianda Huang, Ammar Fatehi, Allen Jiang  


319K Handheld Gaming Competition

Holt - First Place


Abdullah Alwakeel, Jenna Jacob


Holt - Second Place

Guitar Hero

Nadia Houston, Matthew Schawe


Valvano - First Place

Plants Vs Zombies

Ishan Deshpande, Luke Mason


Valvano - Second Place

Jesta's Pizzeria

Anna Guo, Vivek Keval


Yerraballi (Noon) - First Place

Ice Fishing

Daniel Arriagada, Jacob Marquardt


Yerraballi (Noon) - Second Place


Haakon Mongstad, Britney Pham-Vu


Yerraballi (3:00 PM) - First Place

Fireboy and Watergirl

Jason Dang, Gabriel Mi


Yerraballi (3:00 PM) - Second Place


Raymond Jiang, Reese Welty  


Cuevas - First Place

Systick Surfers

Andrew Chang, Rocco Perciavalle


Cuevas - Second Place


Bit Slayer Jack Hinegardner, Ronan Keaveney