Poster Printing

Texas ECE has a large format poster printer available in EER 2.804 for use of approved Texas ECE events, shows and conferences. You must be a Texas ECE student, faculty, staff, or Post-Doc to have a poster printed.

Printing Hours

Appointments are generally available Monday - Thursday, between 9:00 AM-3:30 PM and are subject to change without prior notice due to staff availability. Do not assume we will be open or have the availability until you have set an appointment. Once you have set an appointment we will make every effort to keep your appointment.

Note:  Same day printing requests will not be accommodated.  Requests received on a Thursday will be scheduled for the following week.  Please plan accordingly!

Making an Appointment

Contact the ECE-IT Service Desk via email at least a full 24 hours in advance of your printing deadline. Include the following in your email request:

  • Email Subject line:  "Poster Printing Request"
  • The number of posters you need
    Note:  Each poster will require a dedicated time slot to be scheduled.
  • The desired size of the poster.  Please see the section on Poster Size below.
  • Your absolute deadline for delivery
  • Your supervising professor's name
  • A UT Financial Account Number to charge the cost to

You will receive an automatic email reply with an Incident Number assigned to your request.  A secondary email will be delivered to confirm availability and set up an appointment for printing.  Please visit EER 2.804 at the time of your scheduled appointment with your file on an external USB storage device.


Standard size posters (30" x 40") are $25 each. Larger posters will be priced at $10/foot measured by vertical paper length. You must have a UT account number from a Texas ECE faculty member in order to pay for the printing. We do not accept any other forms of payment.


All posters are printed with the art as-is. We will not make design changes for you. You must present final art at time of printing.

How Long Does It Take?

Each poster (size 30" x 40" standard) takes about 10 minutes to finish printing.  Unless we have unusual circumstances, the student needs to remain with the job as it prints.  If the poster does not print satisfactorily, we MAY arrange for ECE Print staff to print it without the student being present.  At the very least, each student must meet with the ECE Print staff to review the final art before it goes to the printer. This helps limit the costs of ink and paper needed for reprints.

Plan ahead. The printer can break down, may not be available or you may have problems with your file. Always have a backup plan and don't wait until the last minute.

Poster Size

Normal poster size is 30" x 40". Larger posters can be accommodated in most instances; however, the maximum length of the shortest side is 42". (So, 42" x 60" would work, 43" x 60" would not.)


Posters will NOT be printed if the poster design uses an incorrect department or university logo. Current and acceptable Texas ECE  and University logos are available here to anyone with a valid EID. Anything using the “Longhorn” logo will NOT be printed.

File Types

The preferred file type is a PDF already sized to print. You can contact with any questions regarding file setup or possible file types. The best way to bring the file is on a keychain sized flash drive, but we can make other arrangements if necessary.


All posters will have at least 1/4" of white border around their art. We do not have a paper cutter, so if you do not want the white border you are responsible for cutting it yourself. Additionally, 30" x 40" posters will have 2" of white space on one end.


All mounting is to be done by the students themselves and we do not supply mounting materials.

Cardboard Tubes

A cardboard tube is helpful for transporting the poster once it is printed to keep it from wrinkling, tearing, etc., but it is not necessary. Cardboard tubes are available at office supply stores or mail supply stores.