Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems (LIPS)


The Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems (UT:LIPS) conducts research to advance the fundamental science and application of distributed agent-based systems. Such systems, often categorized as Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) or Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), provide decision support and operation control in complex domains where decision makers must accomplish goals despite environments characterized by high volatility, information overload, and inherent uncertainty. UT:LIPS addresses important MAS research challenges in two fundamental areas: (i) Multi-Agent System Design and Runtime Analysis – methods and tools to enable disciplined design and architecting of Multi-Agent Systems as well as techniques for verifying and understanding agent-based implementation behavior and (ii) Advanced Agent Technologies supporting decision making in complex domains – specific capabilities that can be designed into an agent to enhance fundamental agent operations (e.g., belief maintenance, planning, coordination), thereby improving decision-making performance and ensuring resilience in volatile, uncertain, and information-dependent environments. Specific research efforts under each area are highlighted below.