Research News

Prof. Lizy Kurian John along with Prof. Andreas Gerstlauer have received a grant for their project titled, ‘Adaptive Energy-Efficient Designs for Next Generation Smart Phone CPUs’ from Samsung Electronics through its 2015 Global Research Outreach (GRO) Program.

Prof. Alan Bovik along with Lark Kwon Choi have developed a no-reference perceptual fog density prediction model and a perceptual image defogging algorithm that are based on natural scene statistics (NSS) and fog aware statistical features.

Nan Sun and David Pan received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Division of Computing and Communication Foundations for their research project titled, ‘Automation for Synthesizable and Scaling Friendly Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits’. 

Nan Sun and Nanshu Lu received a grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate and implement stretchable planar antenna modulated by integrated circuit for the near field communication of epidermal electrophysiological sensors.

Prof. Robert Heath is collaborating with Prof. Todd Humphreys and graduate students on the development of a centimeter-accurate GPS-based positioning system that could revolutionize geolocation on virtual reality headsets, cellphones and other technologies, making global positioning and orientation far more precise than what is currently available on a mobile device.