Senior Design - Projects

Title Semester Project Class Faculty Advisor Project Partner Award
A Methodology for Analyzing and Characterizing Applications for Memory Centric Models Spring 2020 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur Dell
Aceso Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
Alphaline Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Jonathan Valvano
Analysis and Optimization of Error Correcting Codes for Die-Stacked Memory Spring 2020 Sponsored Yale Patt AMD
Athlete Talk Spring 2020 Sponsored Milos Gligoric Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Automated Handling Robot Spring 2020 Sponsored José del R. Millán Texas Instruments
Conference Connect Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
Configuring and Executing Natively Compiled Control Modules Spring 2020 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Emerson Automation Solutions
Containerized Machine Learning Workload for Server Validation Spring 2020 Sponsored Aryan Mokhtari Dell
Crowdsource Study and Predictor of Compressed Picture Quality Spring 2020 Honors Alan Bovik
Data De-Identification Spring 2020 Sponsored Jean Anne Incorvia Nokia Bell Labs
Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator (DLHA) Spring 2020 Honors Andreas Gerstlauer
Electric Vehicle Inverter and Motor Controller Spring 2020 Honors Gary Hallock
Far Field Gesture Recognition Spring 2020 Sponsored Al Cuevas Harman, A Samsung Company
Farmly Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Al Cuevas
Frictionless Entry Spring 2020 Sponsored Al Cuevas Nokia Bell Labs
Gen-Z Manageability Simulation and Proof of Concept Spring 2020 Sponsored Deji Akinwande Dell
Grid-Connected Power Converter Spring 2020 Honors Alex J. Hanson
Guardian Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
High Speed Data Acquisition in Nanoscale Imaging Spring 2020 Honors Edward Yu
Inverse Problems Spring 2020 Honors Alex Dimakis
Joey: Smart Frac Ball Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
Loggo: Smart Toileting System Spring 2020 Honors Edison Thomaz
Low-Cost Broadband Measurement System for RF Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent Spring 2020 Honors Daniel Wasserman
MagicInertia Spring 2020 Honors Alex Q. Huang Texas Instruments
nuCoach: A Real-Time Exercise Form Monitoring System Spring 2020 Honors Seth Bank
Pervasive Federated Learning Spring 2020 Honors Christine Julien, Haris Vikalo
Privacy Check Spring 2020 Honors Suzanne Barber
README Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Brian Evans
ReliaBox Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Suzanne Barber Spring 2020 Honors Suzanne Barber
RGK CONNECT Matching Algorithm Web Application Spring 2020 Honors Christine Julien Sponsor
Self-Monitoring Stress Device Spring 2020 Honors Emily Porter
Self-Securing Servers Spring 2020 Sponsored Ray Chen Dell
Social Bit Spring 2020 Honors Edison Thomaz
Solar Validation IoT System Spring 2020 Sponsored Pedro Santacruz Texas Instruments
Sound Separation Spring 2020 Sponsored Neal Hall Harman, A Samsung Company
StableGen Spring 2020 Honors David Soloveichik
Tappy Feet Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Constantine Caramanis
Triaging, Diagnosing, and Predicting Software Errors Spring 2020 Sponsored Dell
Undergraduate Teaching Platform Spring 2020 Honors Andreas Gerstlauer, Mattan Erez
Using Renewable Energy to Supplement Power to a Laptop Spring 2020 Sponsored Surya Santoso HP
Verifying Data Structure Properties with Machine Learning Spring 2020 Honors Sarfraz Khurshid
Video Game Performance/UX Measurement Module Spring 2020 Honors Lizy John Sponsor
Vocalitics Spring 2020 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
Water Usage Monitor Spring 2020 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments
Wearable Sensor to Detect an Adrenaline Rush Spring 2020 Sponsored Jacob Abraham Nokia Bell Labs
Wireless HDMI with ATSC 3.0 Spring 2020 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Coherent Logix
Wireless Sleep Monitor Spring 2020 Sponsored Texas Instruments
You Beelong at UT Spring 2020 Honors Gustavo de Veciana
Acceleration of Deep Learning on a FPGA Fall 2019 Honors Michael Orshansky
Asset Issuance Application for Blockchain System and BlockReduce Fall 2019 Honors Sriram Vishwanath
Building Energy System Modeling using Machine Learning Fall 2019 Honors Hao Zhu
Electrical Vehicle Communication System Fall 2019 Honors Gary Hallock
Forex Feature Generation and Real- time/Historical testing platform Fall 2019 Sponsored Robert Heath State Street
Machine Learning for Prediction and Analysis of Public Financial Data Fall 2019 Sponsored Haris Vikalo State Street
Mock Data Generator Fall 2019 Sponsored Sanjay Shakkottai Teradata
Power Quality Monitoring of an Industrial Manufacturing Facility Fall 2019 Sponsored Jaydeep Kulkarni Tenaris
User simplified modular cloud-based machine learning using hardware accelerators Fall 2019 Sponsored Mattan Erez State Street
Utileye: A Tool to Monitor Room Utilization Fall 2019 Honors Mark McDermott
Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles Fall 2019 Honors Alex Q. Huang
A Neck-Based Wearable for Real-Time Dietary Activity Detection Spring 2019 Honors Edison Thomaz
ATHLETETALK Spring 2019 Sponsored Sarfraz Khurshid Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Audio-Visual Synchronization System Spring 2019 Sponsored
Augmented Reality in the Great Outdoors Spring 2019 Sponsored Jack Lee Nokia Bell Labs
Automated Data Collection for Mobile Network Traffic Data Classification Spring 2019 Honors Jeffrey Andrews
Automated Smartphone Tracking Camera Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Automated Team Formation Spring 2019 Honors Christine Julien
Automatic Computer Generated Dull Bit Grading Spring 2019 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Autonomous UAV Navigation with Radar in GPS Denied Scenarios Spring 2019 Honors Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic
C2000 Based TI-RSLK Spring 2019 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Texas Instruments
Compas Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Converting Heat to Power in Laptops Spring 2019 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey HP
Cradl: A Smart Baby Wearable Spring 2019 Entrepreneur Neal Hall
DC Motor Boosterpack and Cape Spring 2019 Sponsored Mark Flynn Texas Instruments
Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator Spring 2019 Honors Andreas Gerstlauer
Electromagnet-Based Vehicle Environment Simulator Spring 2019 Honors Gustavo de Veciana
Encouraging Sustainable Mobility through Games in the Elementary Classroom Spring 2019 Honors Christine Julien
Encrypted Bluetooth Audio Headset Spring 2019 Sponsored Ahmed Tewfik Texas Instruments
Extending the ARMv4 ISA to Optimize Basic Linear Algebra Operations Spring 2019 Honors Yale Patt
Feather: The Pressure Relief Cushion Spring 2019 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
Felt Radar-Assisted Navigation Belt for the Blind and Visually Impaired Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
HotSpot Smart Kitchen Technologies Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Human Detection on Edge Devices Spring 2019 Honors Lizy John
Live VR Streaming for Robot Teleoperators Spring 2019 Honors
Machine Learning Bug Prediction Using Simulation Attributes Spring 2019 Sponsored Jacob Abraham AMD
Measuring Posture & Wellness with a PC Sensor Spring 2019 Sponsored Jean Anne Incorvia HP
MLPerf Benchmark Test Suite Spring 2019 Sponsored David Z. Pan Dell
National Instruments SourceAdapt Spring 2019 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc National Instruments
Optimized Assembly Tests from Machine Learning Correlation Algorithms Spring 2019 Sponsored Milos Gligoric AMD
Parq Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Point-of-use Water Purification System Spring 2019 Honors Seth Bank
Polychaete Worm Bio-Inspired Robot Spring 2019 Honors Ari Arapostathis
Pulse-T Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Real-Time Photovoltaic Cell Monitoring and Data Acquisition and Manipulation System Spring 2019 Honors Surya Santoso
Remote Server Management Spring 2019 Sponsored Vijay Garg Dell
Simulate, Model, and Emulate for Memory-Centric Architectures Spring 2019 Sponsored François Baccelli Dell
SmartNest Spring 2019 Sponsored Suzanne Barber Texas Instruments
Software Bug Triaging Spring 2019 Sponsored Dell
Sound Steer Spring 2019 Sponsored Daniel Wasserman Harman, A Samsung Company
Stellar Spine Spring 2019 Honors Christine Julien
Stereo Camera-based Localization and Obstacle Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Spring 2019 Honors Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic
Swivalry Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Texas Instruments IoT Development Board Spring 2019 Sponsored Texas Instruments
The Object Scanner Spring 2019 Sponsored Texas Instruments
TI RSLK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Spring 2019 Sponsored Jonathan Valvano Texas Instruments
Traffic Controller for UAVs Spring 2019 Honors Robert Heath
Vehicle Sharing Spring 2019 Entrepreneur
Viewing and Mitigating Bearing Currents in Electrical Submersible Pump Systems Spring 2019 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur Schlumberger
Wafermap Defect Pattern Recognition Spring 2019 Sponsored Sanjay Banerjee Texas Instruments
Web Tool for Simulating DNA Binding Networks Spring 2019 Honors David Soloveichik
 Deep Learning for Regression Problems in Physical Modeling Spring 2019 Sponsored Constantine Caramanis Schlumberger
Addition of Range Sensing to Any World View Driver Assistance System Fall 2018 Sponsored Mattan Erez Coherent Logix
Automated Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Fall 2018 Sponsored Sanjay Shakkottai BP
Characterization of Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Fall 2018 Sponsored Sujay Sanghavi Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Collaborative Sensing Under Resource Constraints Fall 2018 Honors Haris Vikalo Third Place
Got Gas? A Portable Gas Detector for Harmful Substances Fall 2018 Honors Ray Chen
Maximum Power Point Tracker Design for Solar Powered Vehicles Fall 2018 Honors Gary Hallock
Powering the Data Centers: 48V to 12V DC-DC Power Supply Fall 2018 Honors Alex Q. Huang
Solar Powered Motor Fall 2018 Honors Ross Baldick Second Place
Temperature Modeling Software Fall 2018 Sponsored Jaydeep Kulkarni Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Trade Screening Tool Fall 2018 Sponsored Hao Zhu BP
Video-Based Machine Learning for Action Recognition Fall 2018 Honors Michael Orshansky First Place
3D Radar Sensor Back-end: Target Detection and Tracking Spring 2018 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Applied Concepts, Inc./Stalker Radar
Audio Virtual Space Spring 2018 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments
Aurora Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Constantine Caramanis
Automated Team Formation Spring 2018 Honors Christine Julien
Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Spring 2018 Honors Nuria Gonzalez-Prelci
Boeing CASAEye Phase III: Ground Control Station Spring 2018 Sponsored Sarfraz Khurshid Boeing
Bracelet Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Christine Julien
CAR-STOP Collision Detection System Using the Nvidia Drive PX2 Platform Spring 2018 Honors Joydeep Ghosh
Collision Warning System with LIDAR and Camera Spring 2018 Honors Joydeep Ghosh
Computer Vision System for Steel Defect Detection Spring 2018 Sponsored Tenaris Third Place
Digital Nutrition Tracker Spring 2018 Honors
Drone/Sensor Integration to Improve Localization Spring 2018 Honors Dean Neikirk
EHIN: Energy Harvesting IoT Node Spring 2018 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur Texas Instruments
Electric Vehicle Charger Placement Spring 2018 Honors Evdokia Nikolova
Fault-Tolerant UAVs (Phoenix) Spring 2018 Honors
Fend Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Ramesh Yerraballi
Front-End 3D Radar Spring 2018 Sponsored Deji Akinwande Applied Concepts, Inc./Stalker Radar
IDA: The Intelligent Driving Assistant Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Constantine Caramanis Second Place
Intelligent Power Grid Experimental System (IPGES) Spring 2018 Honors Surya Santoso Third Place
Interoperability of LabVIEW NXG with Industry-Standard Version Control Spring 2018 Sponsored Vijay Garg National Instruments
IoT Wireless Home Security System Spring 2018 Sponsored Mohit Tiwari ARM First Place
Lane-Keeping for Autonomous Vehicles Spring 2018 Sponsored Ari Arapostathis Visiality
Metric Gathering and Visualization Spring 2018 Sponsored Sriram Vishwanath Dell
Model for a Memory Centric Architecture Spring 2018 Sponsored François Baccelli Dell
Noise Cancellation in Free Space Spring 2018 Honors Neal Hall
Occupied? Spring 2018 Sponsored Andreas Gerstlauer Texas Instruments
Over-The-Air Upgradeable Boot Image Manager Spring 2018 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Texas Instruments
Portable Monitor for Real-Time Detection of Ketone Levels Spring 2018 Honors Seth Bank
PrivacyCheck Web Extension Spring 2018 Honors Suzanne Barber
Project G.I.F.T: Gyroscopic Interactive Fidget Toy Spring 2018 Sponsored Sanjay Banerjee Texas Instruments
Redesign of the Power Supply for BP Wind Energy's Meteorological Towers Spring 2018 Sponsored Jack Lee BP Wind Energy
Scooter Seat Cushion Pressure Monitor Spring 2018 Honors John Ekerdt
Search and Rescue Drone Spring 2018 Honors Brian Evans
See-through Automated Driver Assistance System Spring 2018 Honors Robert Heath
SMACK Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Al Cuevas
Smart Christmas DLP Lighting Spring 2018 Sponsored Nan Sun Texas Instruments
Social Drones Spring 2018 Honors
Split Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Christine Julien First Place
ThermaSec Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Daniel Wasserman
TI Device Trimming Project Spring 2018 Sponsored David Z. Pan Texas Instruments
Torc Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Mark Flynn
Turning Unstructured Data into Decisions Spring 2018 Sponsored David Soloveichik Dell
Using Cameras to Establish Serve Locations in a Data Center Spring 2018 Sponsored Lizy John Dell
UTrack Spring 2018 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc Dell Second Place
Wafer Map Signature Classification Tool Spring 2018 Sponsored Yale Patt Texas Instruments
Acoustic Event Detection Fall 2017 Sponsored Andrea Alù Plantronics
Augmented Audio Fall 2017 Neal Hall Second Place
Child Development App Fall 2017 Sanjay Shakkottai
Dell EMC Augmented Reality HoloLens Application for Data Centers Fall 2017 Sponsored Haris Vikalo Dell
Downhole Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Pressure Signal Detection System Fall 2017 Sponsored Ahmed Tewfik Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Enhancing an Out-Of-Order Processor for Latency-Critical Cloud Applications Fall 2017 Honors Mattan Erez
Gauge Protocol Converter Fall 2017 Sponsored Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Characterization Toolkit Fall 2017 Sponsored Mohit Tiwari Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Pholociraptor Solar MPPT Fall 2017 Honors Gary Hallock First Place
Plantronics Device Hub Registration Application Fall 2017 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Plantronics
Rhythmic Learning Tool Fall 2017 Jacob Abraham Third Place
Solar Car Data Acquisition System Fall 2017 Honors
Video-Based Multi-Label Classification System Fall 2017 Honors Michael Orshansky
Aerial Environmental and Traffic Sensing Spring 2017 Honors Robert Heath Harris Corporation
ATE to Verilog translator Spring 2017 Sponsored Nur Touba Texas Instruments
Automated insertion and removal of a hard disk drive from a Dell Enterprise Server Spring 2017 Sponsored Ari Arapostathis Dell
Autonomous Lawnmower Spring 2017 Entrepreneur Alejandro Silveyra
Autonomous RC Car Spring 2017 Sponsored David Z. Pan Texas Instruments
Band-Aids for Monitoring Vital Parameters Spring 2017 Honors Ray Chen
Band-Aids for Monitoring Vital Parameters Spring 2017 Honors Ray Chen
CASAEye - Video Analytics using Machine Learning Spring 2017 Sponsored David Soloveichik Boeing First Place
Containers applications acceleration over RDMA Spring 2017 Sponsored Evdokia Nikolova Mellanox Technologies
D&B: Going Mobile Spring 2017 Sponsored Suzanne Barber Dun and Bradstreet
Dell Data Excavator Spring 2017 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Dell
Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems Spring 2017 Honors Surya Santoso Third Place
Energy Harvesting Spring 2017 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments
Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) Spring 2017 Entrepreneur William Bard
Game Design: Eliciting biases in sequential human decision-making Spring 2017 Honors Gustavo de Veciana Harris Corporation
Gist Spring 2017 Entrepreneur Alan Bovik Second Place
GPU Stress & Capabilities Identification Tool Spring 2017 Sponsored Sanjay Banerjee Dell Second Place
Happs Spring 2017 Entrepreneur Vijay Garg
Hydration Monitor Spring 2017 Honors Seth Bank
Immersive Audio Production Using Loudspeakers Spring 2017 Sponsored Sponsor
Implement Redfish API version 2016.R1 and 2016.R2 interfaces in Opensource RackHD GitHub Project Spring 2017 Sponsored Sriram Vishwanath Dell
Intelligent Bike Rack (SMACK) Spring 2017 Entrepreneur Mike Phillip First Place
Leveraging Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion for Object Detection in Vehicles Spring 2017 Honors Joydeep Ghosh
Light and music sleep aid Spring 2017 Sponsored Nan Sun Texas Instruments
Measurement Capability Spring 2017 Sponsored Daniel Wasserman Texas Instruments
Model Checking for Java Programs with Program State in a Database Spring 2017 Honors Milos Gligoric
Modeling Server Workload I/O Characteristics Spring 2017 Sponsored François Baccelli Dell
Personal Black Box Recorder Spring 2017 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc Texas Instruments
Premium Sound on Wi-Fi Mesh Spring 2017 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Texas Instruments
RoBuddy: Autonomous Mobile System for Delivery Spring 2017 Honors Andrea Thomaz
Securing Virtual Machines Spring 2017 Sponsored Yale Patt Lockheed Martin
Smart City Lights Spring 2017 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur Texas Instruments Third Place
Social Media/News Integration for FS Connect Spring 2017 Sponsored Jack Lee Capital One
Solar Powered Three-Phase Motor Spring 2017 Honors Ross Baldick
Sonic Device Localization Spring 2017 Sponsored Edward Yu Sponsor
Source code scanner to identify database dependencies Spring 2017 Sponsored Sarfraz Khurshid Capital One
Supporting Safe Child Transit to School Using BLE and Smartphones Spring 2017 Honors Christine Julien
Texas Guadaloop Spring 2017 Entrepreneur Christian Claudel
Tracking System for Saw Blades Spring 2017 Sponsored Brian Evans Tenaris
Ultrasonic Sensors in Automotive and Drones using TI’s PGA450-Q1 Spring 2017 Sponsored Gary Hallock Texas Instruments
Vision-Based Security System Spring 2017 Honors Constantine Caramanis
VM migration over RDMA Spring 2017 Sponsored Lizy John Mellanox Technologies
Active Radio Frequency Cloaking Fall 2016 Honors Andrea Alù
Advanced Audio System for Voice Conferencing Fall 2016 Sponsored Haris Vikalo Nuvoton Technology
Batteryless and Wireless Data Acquisition Implant and System Fall 2016 Honors Jonathan Valvano First Place
Bullet Data Transmission Fall 2016 Sponsored Sanjay Shakkottai MagnetoSpeed Second Place
Embedded Electro-Mechanical Throttle Control Fall 2016 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Enovation Controls
Fluxwork Web Framework Fall 2016 Honors Mattan Erez Third Place
Hearing Aid Design Fall 2016 Honors Neal Hall
Inverted Pendulum Fall 2016 Honors Jacob Abraham
Lux: Smart Lighting System Fall 2016 Honors
A Cloud-based Personal Computer Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Mark McDermott
A Mobile and Tablet-based System to Enhance Dining Experience Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Vijay Garg
Advanced Imaging System for Automated Insert Inspection Spring 2016 Honors John Pearce Tenaris
AngelNet: Incentivizing Good Deeds Spring 2016 Honors Lizy John
Archer Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Mike Phillip
BLE Bike Lock Spring 2016 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Component Simulation and Emulation Spring 2016 Sponsored Sanjay Banerjee Dell
CPU Built-in Self Test Spring 2016 Honors Nur Touba Texas Instruments
Crop Protection through Drone Surveillance Spring 2016 Sponsored Jack Lee Texas Instruments
Degraded Performance Prediction System Spring 2016 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Dell
Demand Management Program Spring 2016 Sponsored Surya Santoso Pedernales Electric Cooperative
Designing and deploying a new generation of wireless networks Spring 2016 Honors Sriram Vishwanath
Digital Board Game Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Ray Atilano
DLP Based After Market HUD Spring 2016 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc Texas Instruments
DRIVER: DSRC and Radar Integrated Vehicle Environment Recognition Spring 2016 Honors Robert Heath, Junil Choi
Energy Harvesting Sensor Network Spring 2016 Sponsored Deji Akinwande Texas Instruments
Factory Robot Prototype Spring 2016 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Flood Early Warning System Spring 2016 Honors William Bard
HomeSight Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Andreas Gerstlauer
Logic Analyzer app for NI myRIO Spring 2016 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur National Instruments
Lost Dog Collar Spring 2016 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments
Mobile Multi-Payload Data Analytics Platform Spring 2016 Sponsored Edward Yu Boeing
ModulAid: Modular Medical Device powered by smartphones Spring 2016 Entrepreneur Ramesh Yerraballi
Motor Controller for Solar Electric Vehicles Spring 2016 Honors Gary Hallock
Novice BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller Spring 2016 Sponsored Constantine Caramanis Texas Instruments
Personalized Home Theater Spring 2016 Honors Seth Bank
Rate My Business Partners App Spring 2016 Sponsored Dewayne Perry Dun and Bradstreet
Software Application that writes server data to a VGA display Spring 2016 Sponsored Sarfraz Khurshid Dell
Soil Sensor and Data Aggregator Spring 2016 Sponsored Nan Sun Texas Instruments
Sound Shield: A Dynamic Noise-Masking System Spring 2016 Honors Brian Evans, Gregory Allen
Surround-view system for automobiles using fisheye lenses Spring 2016 Honors Alan Bovik
System Automation to Increase Productivity & Quality Spring 2016 Sponsored Dell
USB Power Delivery Spring 2016 Sponsored Ari Arapostathis Texas Instruments
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Network and Testbed Spring 2016 Honors Mohit Tiwari
Wireless Occupancy monitoring system for office conference rooms Spring 2016 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Texas Instruments
Alfred The Robot Home Assistant Fall 2015 Honors Gustavo de Veciana First Place
Articulated Robot Arm Fall 2015 Sponsored Joydeep Ghosh
Dance with Me Fall 2015 Honors Evdokia Nikolova Third Place
Data Center Asset Tracker Fall 2015 Sponsored Suzanne Barber Dell Second Place
Dell Mobile Remote Access Controller Fall 2015 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Dell
Human Energy Harvesting Fall 2015 Sponsored Neal Hall
RiverBot - Acoustical Underwater Communications System Fall 2015 Sponsored Sanjay Shakkottai
Secure Voting System Fall 2015 Honors Mattan Erez
Smart Band Fitness Monitor Fall 2015 Sponsored Haris Vikalo First Place
Smart Home Hub Fall 2015 Sponsored Andreas Gerstlauer
Solar Car: Maximum Power Point Tracker Fall 2015 Honors Gary Hallock
Solar Powered Three-phase Motor Control Fall 2015 Honors Ross Baldick
Superior Performance in Academics or Research Commendation Service Fall 2015 Honors Craig Chase
A Cloud-Based Testing Environment for Next-Generation, Sensor-Rich Mobile Applications Spring 2015 Honors
Autonomous Robot Resilient to Hardware Failures and Cyber Attacks Spring 2015 Sponsored, Honors Jacob Abraham Texas Instruments
Autonomous Robot Resilient to Hardware Failures and Cyber Attacks Spring 2015 Sponsored, Honors Jacob Abraham Texas Instruments
BIAS – Brake Pad Indication and Abrasion Sensor Spring 2015 Sponsored Gary Hallock Texas Instruments First Place
Book Database Visualization Spring 2015 Honors Constantine Caramanis
BOP Control Fluid Multi-Sensor Spring 2015 Sponsored Ari Arapostathis Cameron
Child & Pet Safety Device Spring 2015 Sponsored Alderman Family
Design and Characterization of Novel ReSe2 FETs Spring 2015 Honors Sanjay Banerjee
Directive Advertising Spring 2015 Sponsored Nan Sun Texas Instruments
DLP-Based After-Market Heads-Up Display Spring 2015 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc Texas Instruments
Electronic Control Module for Lab-On-Chip Chemical Sensing Spring 2015 Honors Ray Chen Second Place
Evaluation of Silicon Carbide Thyristors for Downhole High-current, High Temperature Fast Pulser Circuits Spring 2015 Sponsored Jack Lee Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Expert Test and Monitoring Platform Spring 2015 Sponsored AT&T
Extending an Existing ISA for Domain-Specific Problems Spring 2015 Honors Yale Patt Third Place
Google Glass Sheet Music Interpreter Spring 2015 Honors Christine Julien
GroBot – Power Controller for Hydroponic Systems Spring 2015 Sponsored Deji Akinwande Texas Instruments Second Place
Hearing Aid Spring 2015 Sponsored, Honors Jonathan Valvano Texas Instruments
Influencer Map Spring 2015 Sponsored Dewayne Perry Dun and Bradstreet
NFC (Near Field Communication) Application Spring 2015 Sponsored Robert Heath Plantronics
Noise Masking Spring 2015 Honors Brian Evans
Outlet Monitor Spring 2015 Sponsored Vijay Garg Texas Instruments
Portable Calendar Viewer on a Zynq Platform Using PetaLinux Spring 2015 Sponsored Lizy John Xilinx
Power System Test Bed to Measure the Effects of Wind Power Generation on Power Grid Quality Spring 2015 Honors Surya Santoso First Place
Project Peregrine V Spring 2015 Sponsored, Honors William Bard Texas Instruments
Real-Time In-Band WiFi Full Duplex Radio Spring 2015 Honors Sriram Vishwanath
Reality Mining and Personalization from Mobile Sensors Spring 2015 Honors Sujay Sanghavi
Relaying Stress in Speech to a Headset Wearer Spring 2015 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Plantronics
Remote Smart Locking System Spring 2015 Honors Nur Touba
Security and Privacy Abstractions for Intelligent Ground Vehicles Spring 2015 Sponsored, Honors Mohit Tiwari Texas Instruments
SnapSat Spring 2015 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Qualcomm
Subsea Pressure Balanced Oil-Filled Cable Integrity Monitoring Solution Spring 2015 Sponsored Edward Yu Cameron
TempSense - Wireless Temperature Sensor Spring 2015 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments Third Place
Wearable HealthTracker Spring 2015 Honors Seth Bank
Advanced Lighting Panel Fall 2014 Sponsored Craig Chase
An Algorithm to Detect that OS Craches for Windows, Linux, and VMWare ESX Fall 2014 Sponsored Michael Orshansky Dell
Board Share - Whiteboard Auto Detect and Extraction Fall 2014 Sponsored Alan Bovik First Place
Check in/Build Time Coding Standards Enforcement Fall 2014 Sponsored Sarfraz Khurshid Dell
Inaudible Acoustic Data Communications between Devices Fall 2014 Sponsored Mohit Tiwari
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) Fall 2014 Sponsored Joydeep Ghosh
Omni Sound - 3D Audio Scene Rendering with Low-latency Headtracking Fall 2014 Sponsored Gustavo de Veciana Second Place
Pulmonary Cancer Biopsy Needle Tracer (PCBNT) Fall 2014 Honors Sriram Vishwanath Third Place
Real-Time Simulation Fall 2014 Sponsored Andreas Gerstlauer
Shower Sense Fall 2014 Honors Sanjay Shakkottai First Place
Three-phase Motor Drive Powered from Solar Panels Fall 2014 Honors Ross Baldick
A Medical Device Identifier (MDI) Spring 2014 Honors Jonathan Valvano Third Place
Accident Assessment Tool Spring 2014 Sponsored Neal Hall Texas Instruments
Active Camouflaging for Broadband Scattering Reduction Spring 2014 Honors Andrea Alù First Place
Android App for Creating Stereo Images, Depth Maps, and 3D Models Spring 2014 Honors Alan Bovik Second Place
App for ECE org After Demolition Spring 2014 Sponsored Dewayne Perry
Biometric sensor module (fingerprint, IRIS) on IFC6410 Spring 2014 Sponsored Lizy John Qualcomm
Bluetooth Home Automation Spring 2014 Sponsored Haris Vikalo Texas Instruments
Brain Wave Meter to Control Room Temperature Spring 2014 Sponsored Ranjit Gharpurey Texas Instruments
Building a Virtual Power Plant Controller Spring 2014 Honors Surya Santoso
Calculator Using Only Solar Power OR Phone-less Loss Prevention Beacon Spring 2014 Sponsored Nur Touba Texas Instruments
Cognitive Device Configurator Spring 2014 Sponsored Alex Dimakis Intel
Epilepsy Detection/Notification System Spring 2014 Sponsored Emanuel Tutuc Texas Instruments
Gpowerprof: A hardware/software solution to generate power profiles of code segments Spring 2014 Honors
Improved electronic multiplexer used in ultrasonic flowmeters Spring 2014 Sponsored Robert Flake Cameron
Maximum Power Point Tracker Spring 2014 Sponsored Gary Hallock National Instruments Fourth Place
Mobile App to improve Time & Expense Tracking Spring 2014 Sponsored Suzanne Barber Quorum Business Solutions
Multiplayer Game Platform Spring 2014 Honors
Peregrine IV Spring 2014 Honors William Bard Fifth Place
Prevent Texting While Driving Spring 2014 Sponsored Vijay Garg Texas Instruments
Scouring the Internet for Missing Kids Spring 2014 Honors Brian Evans
Sensor Network Monitoring Environment Spring 2014 Sponsored Dean Neikirk Texas Instruments
Sleepwalking Monitor Spring 2014 Honors Christine Julien
Sleepwalking Monitor II Spring 2014 Honors Christine Julien
Smart Home Assistant using LEAP Gesture Control Spring 2014 Sponsored Craig Chase Intel
Snap/Sat 2.0 Spring 2014 Sponsored Jeffrey Andrews Qualcomm
Solar Powered Intelligent Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Spring 2014 Sponsored Deji Akinwande Texas Instruments
Tagless UWB Location-Tracking System Spring 2014 Honors Hao Ling
Vehicle Surface Damage Detection Spring 2014 Sponsored Michael Becker Digiclaim
Video ADC Spring 2014 Sponsored Nan Sun
Weather app on STEVAL sensor module on IFC6410 Spring 2014 Sponsored Earl Swartzlander Qualcomm
Bicycle Rear View Camera Fall 2013 Honors Robert Heath First Place
CubeSat Fall 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm Second Place
Directional Haptics Fall 2013 Sponsored David Z. Pan Texas Instruments Fifth Place
Fast Fall 2013 Honors Derek Chiou
Gesture Recognition Fall 2013 Sponsored Ananth Dodabalapur Qualcomm
Home Wireless Temperature Control Fall 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments Fourth Place
Mobile Web Browsing Experience Fall 2013 Honors
myCAT Fall 2013 Sponsored National Instruments
myLux Fall 2013 Sponsored National Instruments
Network Analysis of P2P Based Malware Fall 2013 Sponsored Sanjay Shakkottai CSID
Robot Brain Fall 2013 Sponsored Ahmed Tewfik Qualcomm Third Place
SEAL Fall 2013 Sponsored Ahmed Tewfik Texas Instruments Sixth Place
Wearable Athletic Haptics Fall 2013 Sponsored Edward Yu Texas Instruments
Wireless Electromagnetic Communication System Fall 2013 Sponsored Ali Yilmaz Schlumberger
Wireless Meat Smoker Fall 2013 Sponsored Ari Arapostathis Texas Instruments
(1) High-performance robotics on high-performance DSPs OR (2) Statistical inference on high-performance DSPs: Belief Propagation Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
3D Model Construction Using Mobile Device Spring 2013 Sponsored Craig Chase Qualcomm Fifth Place
Aging in Place Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Application Specific Microarchitecture Spring 2013 Honors
Augmented reality app for persons with handicap or chronic condition Spring 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm
Avatar Exercise Coach Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Bicycle Collision Avoidance System Spring 2013 Sponsored Neal Hall Texas Instruments Second Place
Birdcall Recorder Spring 2013 Sponsored Nan Sun Texas Instruments Fourth Place
Board Games on TV Spring 2013 Sponsored Intel
Dragonboard, Alljoyn, Peer-to-Peer Spring 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm
Dragonboard, Linux Kernel Spring 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm
eRecorder Flute Musical Instrument Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Extremely Low Cost Solar Cell Simulator Spring 2013 Honors Seth Bank Third Place
Food Safety Spring 2013 Sponsored Nur Touba Texas Instruments First Place
Image stitching with Dragonboard Spring 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm
Inertial Sensor-Room layout/Object discovery with iRobot platform Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Magnetometer Calibration to Enable Indoor Navigation Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Mist: A networked, environmentally aware sprinkler controller Spring 2013 Honors
Mobile App for LRC Printing in the CAEE Dept Spring 2013 Honors
Multi-modal speech and emotion recognition Spring 2013 Sponsored Intel
Personal Locator and Trip History Spring 2013 Sponsored Qualcomm
Pharos lab Project 1. Automatic Indoor 3D Scanner Robot Spring 2013 Honors
Pharos lab Project 2 Spring 2013 Honors
Printable Phased Array Antenna Spring 2013 Sponsored Ray Chen Texas Instruments Sixth Place
Project Peregrine III Spring 2013 Honors
Projector display or white board image capture using a smartphone Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Ray tracing using TI multi-core DSP Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
RFID reader to indicate the object state Spring 2013 Honors
Robotic Automation Society Robot Competition Spring 2013 Honors
SoC in FPGA ARM Cortex M0 Design Start Spring 2013 Sponsored ARM
SoC in FPGA ARM Cortex M0 Design Start. Ambient Display Tile / Digital Post-It Note Spring 2013 Sponsored ARM
Sound identification and tagging Spring 2013 Sponsored Texas Instruments
Ultralow Distortion Vacuum Tube Amplifier Spring 2013 Honors
Virtual Wallet Spring 2013 Honors
Web-based Grad Admissions Application, Part 1 Spring 2013 Honors
Web-based Grad Admissions Application, Part 2 Spring 2013 Honors
Complete House Utility Monitoring System Fall 2012 Ranjit Gharpurey
EPPG Fall 2012 Robert Flake, TR Viswanathan Third Place
FAST Implem of Intel Many Integrated Core Arch Fall 2012 Derek Chiou
Magnetostrictive Communications System Fall 2012 Andrea Alù
Medium data rate transmission system Fall 2012 Sujay Sanghavi
Near-field wireless power transfer Fall 2012 Hao Ling
Quality assessment of images and videos Fall 2012 Alan Bovik
Quality Assessment of Images and Videos Fall 2012 Alan Bovik Fifth Place
Scouring the Internet for Missing Kids Fall 2012 Brian Evans Sixth Place
Software mods for Collaborative Development Fall 2012
Three-phase Motor Drive Powered from Solar Panels Fall 2012 Ross Baldick Fourth Place
Wireless Communication Prototyping Fall 2012 Robert Heath Second Place
Wireless Signal Strength Meter Fall 2012 David Z. Pan First Place
Augmented Reality Application for Android Phone Spring 2012 Sponsored Qualcomm Second Place
Augmented Reality Human Anatomy Model Spring 2012 Sponsored Qualcomm Third Place
Autonomous Surveillance Helicopter Spring 2012
Cius File Link/App Spring 2012 Sponsored Cisco Sixth Place
GPS Tracking System Spring 2012 Sponsored GlobeLeash Fourth Place
Guide to Robot for the Visually-Impaired Spring 2012 Honors First Place
Sensor Based Gesture Recognition Device Spring 2012 Sponsored Texas Instruments Fifth Place
Assembly Guide Android app using Snapdragon MDP Fall 2011 Sponsored Qualcomm Fourth Place
Automatic Videoconferencing System Fall 2011 Honors Sixth Place
Checkers Solver Android App using Snapdragon MDP Fall 2011 Sponsored Qualcomm First Place
Multi-Sensor Robotics Platform Fall 2011 Sponsored Texas Instruments Third Place
Realtime Indoor Navigation System Fall 2011 Honors Second Place
Retrograde View Endoscopic Attachment Fall 2011 Sponsored Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Fifth Place
A.A.V. Spring 2011
Adaptive Acoustics Spring 2011
Air Pic Spring 2011
Autonomous Robot Surveillance Spring 2011
Autonomous Vehicle with Internal Navigation System Spring 2011
Bloons Bot Spring 2011
Bomb Sniffing Robot Spring 2011 Fourth Place
Clarl Shadow Positioning System Spring 2011
EOG Mouse Spring 2011
H.A.N.D. Spring 2011 Alan Bovik First Place
Health Monitoring System Spring 2011
Home Appliance Watt Control (HAWC) Spring 2011
Life Rider Bicycle Safety System Spring 2011 Fifth Place
Motorized Motion-Controlled Display Spring 2011 Third Place
Multi-Agent System of Quaclcoptes Spring 2011
Music Suit Spring 2011 Second Place
Path-Optimizing Autonomous Vehicle Spring 2011
Sirscribe Virtual Whiteboard System Spring 2011
Software Defined Radio Spring 2011
Solar Grid Tie Inverter with MPPT Spring 2011
SUN T.S. Spring 2011
Target Acquisition System Spring 2011
Texas Quadcopter Spring 2011
The Cartographer Spring 2011
U.G.S.V. Spring 2011
Visible Light Communication Spring 2011 Robert Heath Sixth Place
Wireless Westune Spring 2011
Wirelessly Synching Car Stereo Spring 2011