Ed Yu

Edward Yu

The University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Yu is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and holds the Judson S. Swearingen Regents Chair in Engineering. Professor Yu has been the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award, ONR Young Investigator Award, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, and UCSD ECE Graduate Teaching Award, and is an AVS and IEEE Fellow.  He has served as a member and Chair of the DARPA Defense Sciences Research Council (DSRC), and currently serves at UT Austin as founding Director of the Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials: an NSF MRSEC.  Current research interests in his laboratory include photovoltaics and other technologies for energy harvesting and generation; nanoscale imaging and characterization techniques; and solid-state nanoscience and nanotechnology generally.  The results of his research have been reported in over 180 archival journal publications.