Dr. James Speck

James S. Speck

University of California, Santa Barbara

James S. Speck is a Professor in the Materials Department at the University of California Santa Barbara. He holds the Seoul Semiconductor Chair in Solid State Lighting. He has worked extensively on the materials science of GaN and related alloys. Major aspects of his work on nitrides include elucidating basic growth modes and defect generation, the development of MBE growth of GaN, and the development of nonpolar and semipolar GaN. Speck received the Quantum Device Award from the International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors in 2007, he was named an inaugural MRS Fellow in 2008, and received the JJAP Best Paper Award in 2008. In 2009 he became an APS Fellow. In 2010 he received the IEEE Photonics Society Aron Kressel Award for his work on nonpolar and semipolar GaN-based materials and devices. Speck has authored over 600 publications in the refereed archival literature.