Joel S. Lash, PhD

Senior Manager, R&D Science and Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories

As Senior Manager of the Z Facility Research and Development Group at Sandia National Laboratories, Dr. Lash is responsible for the operation and engineering of the Sandia Z Machine which is the world’s most powerful pulsed power facility. In addition, Dr. Lash is responsible for the Z Machine diagnostic research, development and fielding. The Z Machine is a unique, world-class R&D facility that uses massive electrical currents of up 26 MA to produce high temperatures, high pressures, and powerful x-rays for research in High Energy Density which is a critical element of science based stockpile stewardship.

Dr. Lash joined Sandia’s Pulsed Power Sciences Center in May 1996 to develop and field advanced plasma diagnostics for the Ion Beam Fusion Program and for Sandia’s development of high-intensity radiographic x-ray sources. In 1998, Dr. Lash became part of the High Energy Density Physics program, where he developed ignition and high-yield Inertial Confinement Fusion target designs utilizing Z-pinch pulsed power drivers.

Dr. Lash earned his Ph. D. and M. S. in Nuclear Science from The University of Michigan and his B. S. in Mathematics with emphasis in Physics and Computer Science from Indiana University.