Scott Roller

Vice President, Systems Engineering and Marketing
Texas Instruments

Scott Roller leads TI’s Systems Engineering and Marketing (SEM) team, which is focused on converting TI’s analog and embedded processing portfolio into a strategic advantage through world-class system design expertise and business intelligence.  The SEM organization includes TI’s Industrial Systems, Automotive Systems, Power Design Services, Pricing, Business Analytics and Strategic Marketing.

Previously, Roller led TI’s Microcontroller (MCU) business, which includes MSP ultra-low power and C2000™ real-time control product families. Before taking this leadership role, Roller spent over 10 years in the MCU business, leading MSP430 to record growth.

Roller joined TI in 1996 as an embedded applications engineer; helping establish a new MCU product line focused on real-time control applications that became a successful and growing business for the company.  In 2003, he transitioned to serve as Internet marketing director where he transformed into an industry-leading portal that delivers personalized design support. Scott earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Valparaiso University, a master of science from Purdue University and a master's of business administration from the University of Texas at Austin.