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The mission of the Undergraduate Student Advising Office is to provide the advice, services, and resources needed for students to make informed decisions about their progress towards an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Please take advantage of the information we have provided on these web pages.

If you cannot find the information you need, please feel free to contact the ECE Undergraduate Office. Advisors are available on a walk-in basis or via appointment.


**Information on the BS/MS 5 Year Program can be found HERE**

These are general advising notes, please come to our offices to get more information on the application process if you think you meet the minimum qualifications.


Faculty Advising Program for Major Sequence Students

The goal of the Faculty Advising Program is to provide Electrical and Computer Engineering students that have completed the Basic Sequence a faculty mentor with whom they can discuss academic and career issues. It is with this assigned faculty mentor that you can discuss topics such as:

  • The short and long-term prospects for the technical area
  • The appropriateness of the pre-approved technical area courses for your interests and career goals
  • Adapting technical areas and the technical elective courses to meet your needs
  • Reply to the Secure Academic Note (SAN) you received after you've submitted your major sequence application, with your primary and secondary technical core selections. Please note you cannot reply directly to the SAN via e-mail but must login to the SAN system.
  • Within approximately five (5) business days, the student will receive a SAN from the Undergraduate Student Office stating the name of her/his assigned advisor.

Technical Core Selections/Changes

Students can change thier Technical Core at any time before thier last semester on enrollment, students select thier core after being accepted into Major Sequence. To submit/change your Technical Core please e-mail the following information:



Current Primary:

New Primary:

Faculty Mentor Requested (optional): 

Current Secondary:

New Secondary:

Faculty Mentor Requested (optional):

Planned Semester & Year of Graduation:


Anticipated Future Technical Elective Offerings:


2014-2016 ECE Elective Offerings.pdf