Bridge Scholars Program

For newly-admitted high-priority students

Bridge Scholars are select, newly-admitted students invited to participate in a six-week residential program called The Summer Bridge Program. This Program is designed to prepare select students for the rigors of college-level instruction. All ECE students who participate in The Summer Bridge Program are automatically enrolled in The Bridge Scholars Program.   

The Bridge Scholars Program is committed to building a community of mutual support and academic preparedness that are necessary to succeed during the first year in college. Support services are embedded into the Summer Bridge Program such as General Engineering (a two hour, for-credit supplemental learning course), academic advising, tutoring, an ECE weekly seminar, and peer and faculty mentoring. As a cohort, Bridge Scholars enroll in the same Fall and Spring semester calculus, introductory EE courses, and a First-year Interest Group (FIG). This full first-year experience allows each Bridge Scholar to establish a solid foundation that will prove critical throughout their entire college experience.

Plans are underway to expand The Bridge Scholars Program and offer each student an opportunity to participate in research, engineering conferences, paid internships and/or a co-op, and study-abroad programs.  Dedicated to a model of giving back to their communities, Bridge Scholars will serve as ECE embassadors and visit their high schools to share their personal experiences as ECE students at The University of Texas at Austin.  We feel confident that this engagement will help expand the electrical and computer engineering pipeline and encourage our next generation of ECE scholars. For more information, contact Nikki Stinnette.