2010-2012 Catalog

Academic Enrichment

Students following the 2010-2012 or 2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalog may declare Academic Enrichment as their Secondary Technical Core. Under this option, a student must complete 14 credit hours of electives that can be used to support his/her personal or career goals. Three of the 14 hours ONE must be an upper division math/science course. Before officially enrolling in these courses, the student must prepare a Career Plan Statement (see information on reverse side) which lists relevant electives to be used for the Secondary Technical Core and have the plan approved by the ECE Undergraduate Advisor. 

Guidelines for Acceptable Coursework

  • At least 14 credit hours of coursework to include an approved advanced math/science course. No more than one course can be lower division. And no pass/fail courses will count. 
  • Courses must be taken in-residence. No transfer coursework. Courses taken via an approved study abroad program may count 
  • Research done for course credit (EE X60 Special Problems courses; no more than one semester) 
  • Engineering Co-op (EE 325LX, 325LY, & 325LZ, or EE 225MA & 225MB; up to three credit hours) 
  • Approved Engineering Internship in Industry (EE 125S, up to three credit hours) 
  • Graduate coursework if taken for undergraduate credit 
  • Students simultaneously enrolled in a dual degree program may count eligible courses 

Unacceptable Coursework

  • Courses that cannot count toward a BSEE degree (these include, but are not limited to: PED, General Engineering supplemental instruction courses, and INF 312F) 
  • Courses that duplicate required course content 
  • Business Foundations Program courses 
  • Elements of Computing Program courses 

Procedures for Declaring Academic

  • Carefully read over this information sheet. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plan, please meet with Veronica Vasquez in ENS 135. 
  • Do some research and select appropriate elective courses. 
  • Write your Career Plan Statement following the guidelines outlined on reverse. 
  • Submit your Career Plan Statement in person to ENS 135. CAREER PLAN STATEMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCPTED VIA EMAIL. Upon submission, you will fill out and sign a contract; a copy will be made for your records.  Upon Contract approval by the ECE Undergraduate Advisor and Faculty Advisor, you will receive a Secure Academic Note (SAN) informing you if the classes you have selected are approved. 
  • If you wish to make any changes to your Contract, please submit an Academic Enrichment Course Substitution Form. Keep in mind that any changes must be approved BEFORE you begin taking any non-approved courses. 

***Please submit your Academic Enrichment Career Statement in person to ENS 135*** 

Additional Procedures for Software Engineering and Design Students

  • If the 464 design project is software only, then the electives they choose must include at least two of EE 316, EE 445L, and EE 445M. 
  • If the 464 design project involves a significant hardware component, then the electives they choose must include at least one of EE 316, EE 445L, and EE 445M. 

*If unsure, please visit with your Software Engineering faculty advisor. 

Writing Your Career Plan Statement

The Career Plan Statement, which is required of everyone pursuing the Academic Enrichment technical area, serves two purposes. First, writing out your plan assists you in selecting appropriate elective courses and designing a plan that is right for you. Second, you will present this statement to the ECE Undergraduate Advisor for approval. Therefore, you should think carefully about your personal and career goals and choose courses that appropriately support those goals. Your “Career Plan Statement should be roughly three to five paragraphs (one to two pages). It is important you place the following information: 

  1. Please type your statement as a .pdf or .doc file and submit to ENS 135 
  2. Include your name, your EID, and the date submitted 
  3. Indicate which catalog you are under 
In Your Statement, Please Address the Following:
  • Your field(s) of interest. What elective courses are you interested in taking? Please provide specific course numbers and titles. 
  • Your goals after graduation. For instance, do you plan on working in industry? Will you attend graduate school? If so, what type of degree will you pursue? Are you thinking about entering an MBA program, medical school, or law school? Or, have you considered working for a non-profit group? These are just some of the examples. Please explain what your goals are. 
  • Discuss how your Academic Enrichment elective courses support these goals. Why have you chosen these particular courses? How will each of them prepare you for achieving your goals? 
  • If applicable, please explain how your Academic Enrichment elective courses support your primary technical core. It is not required that the courses taken in the Academic Enrichment technical core support the primary technical core. 

Important Reminders

  • Students are not allowed to declare Academic Enrichment in their last semester. 
  • It is highly recommend that you submit your Career Plan Statement as soon as possible. 
  • You must have approval of all the Academic Enrichment courses before the semester your graduate. 
  • You should obtain ALL of the required approvals prior to the first class meeting of each of your Academic Enrichment courses. Any changes to your plan must also be approved ahead of time. 
  • You must make your own arrangements to register for courses offered in other Departments. We cannot guarantee your admission to courses offered by other Departments. 
  • Plan ahead! Know when courses are offered. Some courses may be offered only once a year or every other year. 
  • Check for prerequisites. Be sure that you meet all prerequisite/ co-requisite requirements for your Academic Enrichment courses.

Additional Questions?

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