2010-2012 Catalog

Electronics and Integrated Circuits

The Electronics and Integrated Circuits Technical Core involves the design and analysis of the circuits that provide the functionality of a system. The types of circuits that students encounter include analog and digital integrated circuits, radio frequency circuits, mixed signal (combination of analog and digital) circuits, power electronics and biomedical electronics. The design and implementation of integrated circuits and systems using analog and digital building blocks are included in this Technical Core. A student should choose this technical area if he or she is interested in designing chips for applications such as computing, telecommunications and signal processing.

Students take:

Course # Course Name
EE 325 Electromagnetic Engineering
EE 339 Solid-State Electronic Devices
EE 438 Electronic Circuits I
EE 316 Digital Logic Design
M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II

And three courses from the following list:

Course # Course Name
EE 321K Mixed Signal and Circuits Laboratory
EE 338K Electronic Circuits II
EE 338L Anaog Integrated Circuit Design
EE 440 Microelectronics Fabrication Techniques
EE 445L Microprocessor Applications and Organization
EE 445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
EE 360M Digital Systems Design Using VHDL
EE 460N Computer Architecture
EE 360R Computer-Aided Integrated Circuit Design
EE 360S Digital Integrated Circuit Design
EE 361R Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
EE 363M Microwave and Radio Frequency Engineering
EE 374K Biomedical Electronics
EE 374L Applications of Biomedical Engineering