2010-2012 Catalog

Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology

Students in this Technical Core learn about the materials and devices used in modern nano-electronic and opto-electronic systems. With a heavy emphasis on semiconductors, courses in this area include the fundamentals of charge transport and interactions with light. Devices studied begin with p-n junctions and transistors, the building blocks of integrated circuits. Later courses concentrate on semiconductor lasers and detectors used in optoelectronics. With exposure to the topics in this area, students are well positioned to work in a wide variety of areas that rely on semiconductor technology, such as computers, telecommunications, the automotive industry and consumer electronics.


Students take:

Course # Course Name
EE 325 Electromagnetic Engineering
EE 339 Solid-State Electronic Devices
EE 440 Microelectronics Fabrication Techniques
M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II

And four courses from the following list:

Course # Course Name
EE 334K Quantum Theory of Engineering Materials
EE 438 Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits I Labratory
EE 338L Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EE 347 Modern Optics
EE 348 Laser and Optical Engineering
EE 460R Introduction to VLSI Design
EE 379K Solar Conversion Devices