2012-2014 Catalog

Communications, Signal Processing, Networks and Systems

Communications, Signal Processing, Networks and Systems broadly encompasses the principles underlying the design and implementation of systems for information transmission. This technical core considers the analysis, simulation and design of wired and wireless systems, from the physical layer (modems) through the networking layers (e.g. Internet protocols) and finally to the application layers. Applications include speech, audio, image and video processing, as well as robotics and controls.

Students take:

Course # Course Name
EE 325 or
EE 351M
Electromagnetic Engineering
Digital Signal Processing
EE 362K or
EE 371R or 
EE 360K
Introduction to Automatic Control
Digital Image and Video Processing
Intro to Digital Communication 
EE 445S
or EE 471C
Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Wireless Communication Laboratory 
M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II

And four courses from the following list:

Course # Course Name
EE 325K Antennas and Wireless Propagation
EE 351M Digital Signal Processing
EE 360C Algorithms
EE 360K Introduction to Digital Communications
EE 362K Introduction to Automatic Control
EE 363M Microwave and Radio Frequency Engineering
EE 471C Wireless Communications Laboratory
EE 371R Digital Image and Video Processing
EE 361M Introduction to Data Mining
EE 379K Data Science Laboratory