2012-2014 Catalog

Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology

Students in this technical core area learn about the materials and devices used in modern electronic and optoelectronic systems.

Students take:

Course # Course Name
EE 325 Electromagnetic Engineering
EE 339 Solid-State Electronic Devices
EE 440 Microelectronics Fabrication Techniques
M 427L Advanced Calculus for Applications II

And four courses from the following list:

Course # Course Name
EE 334K Quantum Theory of Engineering Materials
EE 438 Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits I Labratory
EE 338L Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EE 347 Modern Optics
EE 348 Laser and Optical Engineering
EE 460R Introduction to VLSI Design
EE 339S Solid-State Electronic Devices
EE 379K High-Throughput Nanopatterning