2012-2014 Catalog

Electives - 2012-2014 Catalog

In addition to ECE coursework, all Electrical and Computer Engineering students must fulfill several other required courses and Electives including:

  • One (1) 3-hour Approved Free Elective
  • One (1) Fine Arts/Humanities Elective
  • One (1) Social Science Course Elective 
  • Two (2) History Courses
  • Two (2) Government Courses

All elective coursework MUST be taken for a letter grade.

Approved Free Elective

The approved free elective may be satisfied by completing a lower-division or upper-division course used to fulfill personal or academic goals. EE 325L Cooperative Engineering may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Following is a PARTIAL list of courses that DO NOT satisfy this requirement: 

  • General Engineering (GE) supplemental instruction courses
  • Physical Education (PED) courses
  • Foreign language credit earned through credit-by-examination
  • Remedial courses, such as CS 303E, CS 304P, M 305G, PHY 306, CH 304K
  • Courses that duplicate required course content, such as: M316, M316K, M 362K, PHY 302K, PHY 302L
  • EE courses for non-EE majors, such as EE 331
  • M210E  


Visual and Performing Arts Elective

Each student must complete three semester hours of coursework in American Studies, Architecture, Art History, Classical Civilization, Core Texts and Ideas, Fine Arts, Music, Philosophy, Radio-Television-Film, Theatre and Dance, or Visual Art Studies. 

Note: Courses in performance, studio or ensemble are NOT permitted to satisfy this requirement

Approved list of Visual and Performing Arts elective courses

Social and Behavioral Science Elective

Each student must complete three semester hours of coursework in Social & Behavioral Science Elective. 

*SOME of these classes have SECTIONS that will satisfy either the Cultural Diversity or Global Cultures flag that is required for the 12-14 Catalog

 Approved list of Social and Behavioral Science elective courses

Texas Legislative Requirement for Government

The Texas Education Code (Subchapter F, §51.301) requires Texas public university and community college students to complete six semester hours of coursework in government/political science, study of the US and Texas constitutions and related subjects.

  • At UT Austin the Federal and Texas constitutions are studied together in GOV 310L to satisfy the content requirement of §51.301; the variable-topic GOV 312L rounds out the semester-hour requirement.
  • Courses at institutions teaching Federal and Texas government in parallel transfer as GOV 310L & 312L. Courses at institutions teaching Federal and Texas government separately transfer with the generic evaluations "GOV 3 US" and "GOV 3 TX," to denote which course is dedicated to the Federal or Texas constitution.

Texas Legislative Requirement for Government

Legislative Requirement for History

All students are required to take 6 hours of American History to fulfill the legislative requirement.  Please note that only three (3) hours of Texas History may be used towards the legislative requirement.

Courses that show the statement: “some topics may partially fulfill the legislative requirement in American History, these topics are listed in the course schedule” will NOT count toward US History unless it also shows the required separate statement: “partially fulfills legislative requirement in American History”. Our advice? Use the list. 

Legislative Requirement for History