2012-2014 Catalog

Approved Free Elective - 2012-2014 Catalog

Approved Free Elective

The approved free elective may be satisfied by completing a lower-division or upper-division course used to fulfill personal or academic goals. EE 325L Cooperative Engineering may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Following is a PARTIAL list of courses that DO NOT satisfy this requirement:

  • General Engineering (GE) supplemental instruction courses
  • Physical Education (PED) courses
  • Foreign language credit earned through credit-by-examination
  • Remedial courses, such as CS 303E, CS 304P, M 305G, PHY 306, CH 304K
  • Courses that duplicate required course content, such as: M316, M316K, M 362K, PHY 302K, PHY 302L
  • EE courses for non-EE majors, such as EE 331
  • M210E