ECE Departmental Policies

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Prerequisite Course Requirements

The ECE department strictly enforces prerequisite/co-requisite requirements; therefore, students are responsible for understanding and meeting all EE prerequisite/co-requisite course requirements.

If a student fails to meet these requirements, his/her registration in the course will be deleted, normally by the end of the 4th class day in the longer semesters.

Students are highly encouraged to meet with an advisor from the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office (ACA 117), if needing further assistance on course prerequisite/co-requisite requirements.

Technical Core Selection Worksheet/Faculty Mentor Program

Once ECE students are in conditional or full major sequence status, they are required to select their two required Technical Cores by submission of a Technical Core Selection Worksheet. The Faculty Advisor/Mentor Program provides an ECE student with a faculty mentor with whom they can discuss academic and career issues. Students should meet with their faculty advisor about topics including: The short and long-term prospects for the Technical Core, the appropriateness of the pre-approved Technical Core courses for their interests and career goals, and adapting Technical Core courses to meet their needs.

While students are not required to meet with their faculty advisor, the ECE Department strongly recommends that they do so at least once. Faculty Advisors are also available to assist students who are hoping to obtain a course substitution approval toward a technical area requirement that is not pre-approved. Once approval is obtained, students should submit the course substitution form to ACA 117.

Technical Core Change Form

ECE students are encouraged to select their primary and secondary technical areas when they originally submit the Technical Core Selection Worksheet. On occasion, students may decide to change technical areas and will be required to submit a Technical Core Change Form; please note that a student chooses a new curriculum technical area option (EE vs. CompE curriculum), they will be required to sign up for the required math course the next semester enrolled.

Degree Planning & Degree Audit Reviews

ECE students are highly encouraged to meet with an Undergraduate Advisor approximately one year before graduating for further review of their degree audits to ensure they are on track to graduate.

Students can also submit a Degree Audit Request form a year before they are expecting to graduate. After submission of the form, an ECE advisor will review the student's degree audit. Please visit the Undergraduate Advising Officefor a degree audit.

Students are encouraged to review their degree audits on a regular basis through IDA (Interactive Degree Audit System) as well.

Course Substitution Procedures

Occasionally, a student may need to complete an elective course that has not been pre-approved by the School of Engineering or the ECE department. Examples of course substitutions include courses in the Technical Cores.

The Advising Center Coordinator will send a secure email (SAN) back to the student informing him/her of the course substitution approval or denial.

Technical Core course substitution requests will need approval from a student's assigned technical area faculty advisor; the ECE Undergraduate Advising Center Coordinator will then send a secure email to the students on approval or denial of the requested course substitution (forms can be obtained in ACA 117).

Students are highly encouraged to meet with an ECE Undergraduate Advisor for further assistance on elective course recommendations.

Registration Guidelines

The ECE Undergraduate Office (ACA 117) is available to assist students with registration and course scheduling questions.

During the first 12 class days, the ECE department does NOT late add students into coursework (after 4th class day), but can assist with schedule questions.

View Degree Requirements

ECE Undergraduate Advising (ACA 117, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

  • General Advising (walk-in)
  • Probationary/Appeals (by appt)
  • Academic Enrichment Advising (by appt.). 

ECE Undergraduate Advising Forms - All forms are also available at the front desk area in the ECE Advising Office (ACA 117)

Student Responsibilities

As noted in the Cockrell School of Engineering Handbook, each student must be informed about all pertinent rules and regulations and must abide by them at all times. Academic advisors are available to assist students, but the ultimate responsibility for being informed rests with the student. Please review the policies and procedures that apply to engineering students.


Secure Academic Notes (SAN's) and Emails are the ECE department's primary means of formal communication with students; therefore, it is the student's responsibility to keep his/her email information up-to-date at all times and to thoroughly review all incoming emails.


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