Fall 2012 Senior Design Projects

UT ECE congratulates the students, faculty and industry collaborators on the successful completion of the EE 464 coursework and projects. Awards for the Senior Design Contest were presented by Dr. Michael Becker on November 28, 2012 during the Fall Senior Design Open House.

Industry sponsors for projects beginning in Fall 2012 include ARM, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Schlumberger, and Intel. UT ECE is deeply appreciative of our industrial collaborators, whose expertise and support makes these projects successful and meaningful.

View photos of the winners and event on Flickr.

First Place: Wireless Signal Strength Meter, sponsored by Dr. David Pan
Team members: James Boriack, Kevin Cross, John Ruiz, Kenneth Yang

Second Place: Wireless Communication Prototyping, sponsored by Dr. Robert Heath
Team members: Alice Biray, Sushen Patel, Howard Tsai, Alexander Wang

Third Place: EPPG, sponsored by Drs. Robert Flake and T.R. Viswanathan
Team members: Brandon Carson, Yi Feng, Ang Li, Jeffrey Peng, Rejo Titus

Fourth Place: Three-phas Motor Drive Powered from Solar Panels, sponsored by Dr. Ross Baldick
Team members: Conner Beadr, Jesus Contreras OCana, Eduardo Gomez, Yen-Shen Juan, Daniel Santa Maria

Fifth Place: Quality Assessment of Images and Videos, sponsored by Dr. Alan Bovik
Team members: Brandon Chen, Na Chen, Jenny Huynh, Dorian Johnson, Janice Pan

Sixth Place: Scouring the Internet for Missing Kids, sponsored by Dr. Brian Evans
Team members: Patrick Guevera, John Isturiz, Windter Pan, Noah Pierce, Nicholas Ramirez