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Please see the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office (ECJ 3.200) for any additional forms which must be filled out in person and require a signature.

Information on the 5 year Masters Program:

Advising Notes for BS/MS Program




Technical Core Selection

Students must delcare thier Technical Core choices by the time they enroll in EE 333T. Students can change their Technical Core at any time before their last semester of enrollment. To change or declare your Technical Core please e-mail the following information:



Current Primary (if changing):

New Primary:

Faculty Mentor Requested (optional): 

Current Secondary (if changing):

New Secondary: 

Faculty Mentor Requested (optional): 

Planned Semester & Year of Graduation: 


Degree Flowcharts


2012-2014 Catalog Flags


GPA Calculator

These GPA calculators were designed for The University of Texas at Austin grading system. These calculations should not be considered your official GPA at The University of Texas at Austin or any other institution.


Interactive Degree Audit

IDA will allow you to view and request degree audits online, project how future courses might apply toward your degree, and locate advising resources.

Prospective students may use the IDA planner to estimate how courses from other institutions might apply to UT Austin degrees. IDA provides a computer-generated report of your progress toward completion of the requirements for a specific program at UT Austin. If changes to your record have occurred since your last audit was run, you must create a new audit for those changes to be included.

Begin Your Interactive Degree Audit