Interactive Degree Audit

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Interactive Degree Audit (click here for webpage)

What’s it used for?

Advisors and students can see what degree requirements have been, and need to be, fulfilled.

Official program used to certify graduation requirements.

Used by all students but best for upperclassmen and students who are graduating soon.




G4 Degree Tool (click here for webpage)

What’s it used for?

4-Year Degree Scheduling

NOT the same as an audit, more of a scheduling tool for future semesters.

G4 gives a semester-by-semester breakdown including; minimum hours to take each semester, what if scenarios for changing engineering majors, and future courses.

Can be adjusted with things like certificate programs, study abroad, internships, and co-ops. Sometimes combines courses without thought to the course load, please consult with an advisor if you feel that the program suggests a schedule or courses that seems strange or too heavy to be taken at the same time. 

Great for Freshmen and Lower Division students.


NOTE: UT students are encouraged to regularly meeting with their ECE advisors. IDA is not a substitute for required advising when removing a bar placed by a department. IDA is simply a tool and does not register you for courses or add you to any waitlist. If you have questions please contact ECE Undergraduate Advising.