Math/Science Technical Area Component

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Math/Science Technical Area Component

Each student in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering curriculum will need a total of three semester hours of approved math or science technical electives.

The math/science technical elective must be an upper-division course in one of the following departments: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Courses offered in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics that are designed for non-majors or duplicate required course content CANNOT be used.

  • The math/science component may be satisfied by one of your six technical area electives. If you use a pre-approved (or approved course substitution) technical area course to fulfill the math/science component, then an additional upper-division technical course is required (this is the approved free elective)
  • If your math/science component is fulfilled by a lower-division course and is NOT pre-approved as one of your technical area course electives (in Academic Enrichment or Premedical), then it must count as your approved free elective.

List of approved courses that fulfill the math/science component.