The Move Forward Program

Move Forward ProgramWhile the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department recognizes that many of our students are successful in designing a fabric of resources and supportive systems such as professors, advisors and fellow classmates, there are some who can truly benefit from additional assistance in excelling in our program.

What is it?

Since 2008, The Move Forward Program (MFP) has connected academically 'at-risk and in reach’ ECE undergraduate students to resources available through our department, the Cockrell School of Engineering and The University of Texas at Austin at-large before they reach the point of an academic crisis.  We believe that monthly meetings with each professor and program coordinator to discuss academic progress and to encourage active participation in all of their classes will help empower the ECE student to reach his or her fullest potential.

Who participates?

Our goal is to assist all ECE students who seek to improve their overall academic performance in their classes and to raise their GPA.   

MFP – An Early Intervention Program

academic advising + faculty + mentoring + academic support services = success

Academic Advising

The Move Forward Program is designed to provide individualized academic advising support to ECE students who are motivated to improve their academic performance. At the end of the Fall and Spring semester, eligible students are invited to schedule an appointment early in the semester to discuss semester goals and plan out strategies to improve academic performance.   Required monthly meetings with the program coordinator allows the MFP participant to touch base and revisit semester goals and strategies for success.

Faculty Support

Our faculty play a critical role in a student’s success at UT Austin.  MFP participants are required to schedule monthly meetings with all of their professors to review their academic performance, and to receive tips and suggestions on how to best learn the course's material. 

MFP/HKN Mentoring

In partnership with Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), The Move Forward Program offers MFP participants the opportunity to receive peer mentoring for the semester. 

Academic Support Services

Engineering students benefit from The General Engineering (GE) Program.  GE offers 2 credit hour supplemental instruction courses in calculus and physics during the Fall and Spring semester:

In addition to attending TA review sessions, ECE students are encouraged to take full advantage of all tutoring programs available on campus. 

ECE Departmental Tutoring
Cockrell School of Engineering Tutoring
Sanger Learning Center

Also, some departments across campus offer their own tutoring programs.  Please visit their websites for additional support.

Evidence of Success


"The Move Forward Program allowed me to see that I was capable of succeeding. I was just not applying myself the right way."

"When I thought that I couldn’t make it as an engineering student, I was encouraged by my advisor and became motivated to keep pushing forward, stay on track, and finish my degree."

"After struggling for a couple of semesters, the tools and resources I received through the program helped me focus on my courses, and improve my study habits."

For more information, please contact Nikki Stinnette, The Move Forward Program Coordinator.

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